Boat Designer vs Car designer

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Fanie, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Coming from an auto and aircraft engineering perspective, I would say that this a great car to run on the Salt Flats, or other open territory for testing, breaking speed records, etc.; however, when you enter in this realm you should be working with laser precision.

    I would hesitate to trust its 'street worthiness'. A tube built roll cage and a powerul motor that incorporates exterior panels does not necessitate a 'car'. A race 'car', Yes. Anything with that horsepower, designed for that performance, should be laser guaged, CNC machined with aluminum bulkheads, engine mounts, etc.

    I think you will go really fast, bu never accomplish the realm of speed and control which you desire. Study some aerodynamics, forces, and fluid dynamics. Do some tests on the design and post them. If you just want to look cool and make some noise...BRAVO....if you are looking at making a supercar...test...test...test....and the test again...then redesign...then test again...
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    I worked with a boat designer who was building his own car, he left before it was done but if you see a chatty chatty bang bang car driving round Vancouver WA, say hi to Chris
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    I don't see much triangulation featuring in the frame construction.I also don't entirely understand the suspension at the rear.The cars that inspired this homage would have had double wishbones and engines with a few more cylinders.It could have been worse,some replicas have been based on VW Beetles.There was a story about a company to the west of London that hired expensive sportscars.It had a Lamborghini returned after a weekends hire that had flakes of gelcoat around some of the vents and light openings.The hirer had splashed a mould from it.
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    The guy apparently built the car in a basement then had to have the one wall broken out to get the car out.

    Sorry I didn't mean to start a car thread in a boat forum, I saw the "bulkheads" in the first picture and thought he started a boat then decided to do a car instead :rolleyes:
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    A few years ago on this forum I saw a wooden boat shaped like a car; headlights and all.
    I believe it was in the random pictures thread back about 2009,
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    I agree that some precision is necessary, but disagree in it being a required necessity. I've built cars with over 1,000 HP, that had little more then the front suspension to protect you in a crash. This isn't to say it was wise, but is to say, with some acknowledgment, you can enjoy a street car with huge power to weight ratios, and survive to brag about it.

    The car above has absolutely no salt flats builder details in it. In fact, quite the contrary, she's built for pavement, preferably fairly smooth, judging by the bound distance visible. Also the car above does look well thought out, not cobbled together and very likely does have a good bit of CNC work employed. I agree about the aerodynamics, as the Countach was very poor in this regard, even with the 5' wing on it's butt. I would suggest Rebel have a better look at whats going on with those suspension elements, which clearly show a lot of adjustment, stiffness and a logical approach. I would also suggest another look at the double tub arrangement, as this is the fast way to go and not just a hacked together tube job, as might appear at a quick glance. We were running well past 200 MPH long before laser precision Rebel, so it's not a necessity, though admittedly it does help a lot, if you have the budget for it. Lastly, we don't have a date for this build. Looking at some of the parts that I recognize, like the sickle blade fan is right out of the Jeg's catalog and the UltraLite gauges from AutoMeter (blow up the image and have a look), which have only been available for the last decade or so. This means the Wilwood D52's ($400 a crack) and the QA1 coil overs ($500 a crack, just for the shock) are simply window dressing? Simply put, I see a lot of nice pieces there, including the Hilborn style EFI setup, which isn't cheap either. Yep, well thought out, though and again the Countach body wouldn't be my first choice, maybe it's his midlife crisis coming true, to which I say, have fun and to the nea sayers, you should have a closer look at the image.
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    Early on in our discussions on the ISO stability working group I posted some "is this a boat" photos. Including a ground effect plane from the Caspian Sea, a Hobie cat leaping out of a big wave and a couple of cars.

    Like this one:

    and this

    while I took this picture on BC day in Comox(?) on Vancouver Island about 6 years ago

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs

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    I like the open frame style of the home-built "Lamborghini", but where do you put the lion?
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