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    I am a boat builder in Turkey.
    My interests are:
    -30' to 45' Lobster boat designs, Motor boat designs (modern looking) that can be built using GRP, wood epoxy, vinylester and so on.
    -Some one who can make 3D renders on given info. For example I have building plans of a certain boat and I require 3D renders to use to show to potential clients. Inside and outside renders of boats. This person can be a professional or an industrial design student who has spare time and wants o make some money as he/she continues to study.
    -Renders I need 2 types of renders.
    Renders that are technical but not detailed. This is needed to make changes in an existing desing or adding to the desing. For example, I have a plan that does not include the cocpit details and I want to see different cocpit options to see how they look.
    Renders that are more detailed and that can be used in forexample web sites or brochures.
    - Help in finding designs for power boats with good looks, economic to build, large space, low engine consumption. Minimum gagetry to sail.
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