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    TerryKing On The Water SOON

    Workers in China

    Everyone seems to work hard here, with a good attitude. Here are a couple photos from the last week or so. There's a big construction project right next to my apartment and there is temporary workers housing that you can see. It's 6AM and the workers are all eating rice for breakfast...

    They work hard, but they all seem pretty happy and friendly, and they know how to take a break almost anywhere! And kids laugh in the bathtub, even when it's a fishtub aboard the family boat.

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    Low Cost Boatbuilding In Argentina

    Dear Arie,

    Please pass me your complete E-mail address and I will send you or company background and pictures, with 40+ years of experience we are offering now a low cost boatbuilding service in Argentina, at china prices but with CE certification. We are closer than china and actually many associated shiprads with us are exporting to the CE.


    Dr. Felix Martinez Muñoz
    Naval Architecture & Engineering
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Manufacturing In Asia

    Web Sites for several Marine / FRP manufactures located in Asia;


    The few facilities I have visited where 1st class by anyone’s standards from the front gate to the finished products.

    On picking a plant location;

    Historically most businesses never live thru start up. Basically running out of money before management gets enough right to pay for the mistakes. Very few start ups can afford a move making plant location a life or death decision worthy of a best effort.

    Picking a survivable manufacturing location requires knowing how to manufacture, sell and get your product to the customer. Even free labor is useless if you can’t get materials into the plant or finished product out in a timely and cost effective manner.

    A few Countries, the US may be #1, have refined and packaged corruption into a known and accepted, if not clearly defined, cost of doing business. Much the rest of the World deals with plain old raw in your face corruption as a fact of life. Want that container cleared today? Need a “permit”? Union problems? Knowing when to pay, how much, to who can be a challenge to the temper as well as the business plan.

    Put some time in research. Internet’s a wonderful tool. Look for successful businesses building close to your requirements for technology and levels of production. Visit their plants. Ask questions. Qualify answers.

    My pick?? Initially set up in Singapore for infrastructure, banking, business presence, intellectual property protection, rule of law and a highly educated population with a western work ethic. Develop the core management team while accomplishing R&D, tooling, refining production processes, QC, job descriptions, sourcing materials, marketing. Start up production and fine tune. If sales warrant significant expansion set up a manufacturing plant in a nearby Malay or Indonesian manufacturing zone.
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    Breaking ground in China

    Hi Kany, I would love to know what you are doing now. Back in China? We are an International Yacht Building company now building boats in China.
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    Adam Younger

    Just got back from Xaimen in China - a realy good trip to a yard (Watermark Marine) who are building 3 of our designs - with more to follow.

    Build quality at plug stage is excellent and looking good. Attached are:
    - a 7.5m RIB hull nearly ready for mould to be taken
    - a deck for a high speed 7m sportsboat
    - hull plug for a 12m RIB, prior to spray rails going on

    Contact me for any further details

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    Neil Marine - One of the Biggest Boat builders in SE Asia

    Hey everyone Neil Marine in Sri Lanka has been in the forefront of boat building for the past 40 years and have built over 35,000 boats over the years. The boat yard is ISO certified, 5S, Lloyed's and only uses raw materials that carry the highest certifications.

    Exports to Netherlands, UK, Norway, Mid East, Africa, Maldives and many other countries. Design is done by Naval Architects from UK.

    And have the ability build to customer requirements and specifications. We also build Specialized boats for coast guards, Navy and rescue operations for international clients.

    We employ over 1200 work force and build our boats in climate controlled warehouses to ensure maximum quality.

    More details at

    Email: - Group director

    11 mtr. Pilot Riffler Small.jpg

    15m Dutches S.jpg

    6 Mtr. Cab boat 1.JPG

    boten van bovenafklein.jpg

    Batutta31Sep08 029 Small.jpg

    Cromarty 017 v2.jpg

    GRP 2 (s).jpg

    8.5 MTr. TELB 1.jpg

    6 m Piet Hein sloop.JPG

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  7. Adam Younger
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    Adam Younger

    Just about to leave for my holidays in Sri Lanka - leaving tonight.

    Don't think I wil be in the good books if I go visiting boatyards though!
  8. Neil Marine
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    Neil Marine Junior Member

    Well if you are in Sri Lanka and interested in a tour let us know.

  9. Adam Younger
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    Adam Younger

    Just a shame timing did not work out better - literally saw your first post on my last look through websites before shutting down for my holidays!

    Anyway - we had a great time in Sri Lanka - did a 11 day tour with Explore, followed by 5 days chilling out at Ranweli. A really good mixture of exercise, sight see-ing, nature and some beach time!

    Certainly saw the Neil Marine name around - but on your older boats where we were.
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