Boat design for dummies....anyone?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Blackcauldron, Jan 12, 2009.

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    I am new to this wonderful forum. Very interesting and very informative. I don't have any back ground on engineering nor architecture. do you have threads or sites for newbies or dummies? most of the treads i ran into are for "experts"

    any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

    - Brian
  2. apex1

    apex1 Guest start with.

    Here are no dummies! Experts only!:D If you managed to sign in here and not your hometown swinger club you are never a dummie.:D

    Browse the Forum with some patience and if nothing catches your attention, just ask your Questions. Someone will reply.

  3. rasorinc
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    If you are looking to build a boat check ou the Glen-L marine design site and their forum.
  4. Guest625101138

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    I do not know of any site that is so general. It is a very general question.

    It would help if you provided the reason for acquiring the knowledge. Do you want to build a canoe or project manage the construction of a luxury yacht. Quite a range.

    Are you interested in displacement hulls or planing hulls.

    Do you want to learn about sails or motor driven vessels.

    I think you need to be more specific. There are basic books on boat design. Such as those here:

    At the very beginning a book can provide a quick and simple single reference rather than trolling about the net picking up snippets.

    There are some free design software tools that give a measure of professionalism quite quickly but you need some basic understanding before you jump in with these.

    Building and using a model boat can get you through the full process quickly.

    Rick W
  5. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Yacht design is simply education on a number of different subjects. No web site that I'm familiar with has a comprehensive accounting, after which you'll be a well versed designer, with the exception of, naturally, there's a tuition involved there, but it's worth it to most.

    Your best bet is to decide what you want, develop a library of reference books, possibly in concert with a course of study and start absorbing the information you need. The book store on this site has the usually design and construction books and you could order what you need from a favorite book retailer.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    The first choice is to decide weather you want to design a boat , actyally build a boat , or simply go boating.

    Reading the usual dozen books will get you up to speed to PURCHASE a boat, takes a bit longer (years) to design and build successfully.

  7. Alik
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    Boat design is a sort of culture. No dummies supposed to touch! :)
  8. Blackcauldron
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    Blackcauldron New Member

    Thanks for the response. Appreciate it! :)

  9. apex1

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    you shall not appreciate the experts opinions... you shall become one
    :D :D :D
    So start asking your questions. Or let us know which sort of floating device you´re interested in?:?:

  10. Blackcauldron
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    Blackcauldron New Member

    Hi apex1 & others,

    How about this one. by the way...i already have articles and other books on the way.

    Mangusta 20. the plan costs $95 which includes:

    * 11 Detailed drawings, large scale with all dimensions required to cut the sides, bottom and the bulkheads from flat plywood sheets: no lofting, no templates required.
    * Drawing List:
    * B232_1 Plan and Profile
    * B232_2 Nesting
    * D232_3 Construction
    * D232_4 Stations
    * D232_5 Expanded Plates
    * B232_6 Lamination Schedule
    * D232_7 Inboard Version
    * D232_8 Twin Version
    * B232_9 Layouts
    * E232_10 Full Size Bow Mold
    * B221 Typical Small Boat Electrical Diagram
    * Building notes including a detailed description of the assembly sequence and building tips.
    * Bill Of Materials
    * Help files reference list and more.

    total of 350 working hours.....but im looking at this as a long term project that I estimate to take 2-3 yrs for a begginer like me to finish.

    I actually have tons of question i hesitate to ask....ill reserve those for now. ill ask maybe after i've gone through the articles and the plan.

    what do you think? too ambitious?

  11. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Welcome mate..................................;)
    The first proper entry of an absolute novice since I am watching this platform.
    You already know that the task is far more than the supplier of the plans promised. :rolleyes:
    You know that those 95$ are just enough to get you confused or excited.
    You know already that you have tons of questions.
    ASK THEM......................
    provide the audience with a link to that boat if possible!!! If not, give all the data you can dig out of your drawings:
    B max
    B wl
    and the like
    do never hesitate to ask this forum !!!!
    All the stupid questions have been asked already, so you cannot fail, there is always at least one here to guide you through every stage of your task!
    Bear in mind that ALL of us started life as children, knowing nothing! And none of us (if talking of the elder) had a chance to dig such deep claims of knowledge one can find here!:idea:
    Do never excuse again for asking your questions.............. those who have the answer without any question asked ....have nothing but their own opinion.

    To come to the adventure:

    No it is not too ambitious.... period
    If one expects his idea to be well above his skills he cannot be on the wrong side............ again period

    You made the right opening´ll make it!
    but ASK... ASK... ASK again, till you bore them, then ask again.

    Aaaaaaaaaooooooooooouuuuuuuuhhhhccccchhhhhh.......................................:!: :) :confused: :eek: :mad: :rolleyes: :( :idea:
    this ..........?:?:
    Be very .....
    I mean... VERY.. careful to follow EVERY SINGLE DETAIL written in the plan.
    If in doubt have a nice weekend at the beach, a question HERE or there, before you do the next step!
    The plans of those people seem to be valid IMHO although the estimations are just promotion. But that you know already. edit end

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