Boat Design (and CADCAMCAE) Software from Athens, Greece

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    Boat Design (such as Autoship v8, Autoyacht v8, Autohydro V5.2, Autobuild V4, Autoplate v8, Autopower v3., and most of CADCAMCAE Software and 20 gigabytes/week software from Athens, Greece
    ****, *****, ****,

    all the programs are fully functional, i can send you screen captures from the installation, and the test runs i did for
    each one, before i first delived to some of my customers.

    thank you
    p.s. please send your e-mail to both the 3 e-mail addresses, in order to
    bypass possible internet servers shutdown

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    I'm sorry, but we cannot allow any discussion of illegal software on these forums. Thanks for your understanding.
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