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Discussion in 'Materials' started by Highland, Sep 26, 2010.

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    I am a new member looking for input.I have a 48ft hull and deck asembled in ballast and have had the Hulk for a number of years.For some reason I am considering finishing it as I have all the major parts engin mast plus many more items.I am looking for input into type of bulk head material Tanks fuel and water plus everything elese that goes in a boat.Some where I may obtain plans where to buy the material needed ect.This Hull is void on the inside of every and anything never had anything.Also any input that may guide or discourage or encourage me.I am 64 yrs old and in decent shape with ortopedic problems.I am not trying to bore any one but perhaps some one in a simular sitituation can lend insight.This vessell has Global capability as two sister ships have circunavigated using the canals.The vessell is a solid glass hull with a foam cored deck.Many thanks for your Input David Cameron
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    Any chance to see some pictures?

    And welcome here!
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    Pywood is the obvious choice. However, if they are structural, it should all be on the construction plans.
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    Hulk is the affectionate name bestowed by my wife on my Boat.As you can tell I am in a pondrey.I have other intress and two more boats that are sea worthy.This boat however I obtained from an estate and God knows why.
    I just would like to have some input as to what I am getting into and say devoting 30 or so hours a week to the project can I finish it in say 2 years.The boat is an Al Mason design center cockpit shol draft crusing boatFinished displacement around 35,000 lbs,she is designed as a Ketch,and part of the package was both main and mizzen mast along with chain plates 10 2 speed wiches perkins 85 Hp diesel rudder stock all thru hull fittings shaft log stuffing box way to many other items to mention.In short it is a big erector set with most of the pieces,lack an interiour and standing rigging and sails.I will take pictures upon completion of a course in using my wifes camera she is possessive.
    I am getting used to navagating your site and wil post an appropriate profile as soon as I figure it all out.
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    ...mate, you are in for a lot of work to rebuild an old Mason, certainly possible, but why not just go sailing on one of your other boats and let the younger world try to rebuild are dead for a long time mate, so enjoy what you have left, let some young fella play with the boat.

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    Owning a 48' bare hull means you have about 12% to 15% of the total project effort completed. Yes, that's it and the remaining portions of the project can be daunting. I've taken on projects like this and I've got all the tools and experience, but now in my mid 50's I wouldn't want to try another large bare hull project, regardless of how much equipment came with it. It's a huge undertaking, especially solo. If you can afford to job out substantial portions of the build, then this makes things a possibility, but without young bones holding up the other end of the piece you're about to install, you'll wear down fairly quickly.

    In the end, you'll have to be the judge, but remember you have about 85% to 90% of the build yet to go.
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