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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Manie B, Sep 29, 2009.

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    viking north VINLAND

    This is a great but somewhat inactive thread and i would like to add to the activity and maybe get it on a roll. Idea, why not open it to past builds as well as ongoing and to start the ball rolling i would like to transfer one of my past lifeboat to motorsailer builds from the Reverse Engineering thread(Boat Design Heading) over to here.( Too Much work to re write and post it) Is there a way to cut and post between threads. Geo.

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    Since this thread has been slow for the last few months, I went ahead and manually copied the posts from the reverse engineering thread where they might be missed since they were a dozen pages in; in general though there isn't an instant way you can copy posts between threads other than manually copying and pasting, so it's probably easiest to post a photo and a little write up and a link to the existing thread. Enjoyed the photos you have posted (on the previous page now) and also hope it will spark the posting of some more builds here! Thanks!
  3. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    Thank you sir that was very kind of you,I am now doing the prep work for my latest conversion, a surfboat style lifeboat to motor sailer and will start posting in a few weeks. Geo.
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  5. ancient kayaker
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    I have a new project for a solo canoe, using part stripper and part plywood construction.

    I am looking for a way to reduce the amount of work and time that goes into many strippers so I am keeping track of my hours. It's not a race, but I hope I can develop a different construction method, without glass, without epoxy, that will be within the scope of beginning boat-builders. I am using ribs, so the appearance will, I hope, be a respectful nod to the old-time canoe designers and builders.

    I am posting the progress at my blog

    There is also a discussion thread on the forum
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    Here is a website documenting the build of my 8m racer/cruiser trailer sailer.

    The boat was launched in Feb 2009.


    Boat is designed by Barry Colson. Hull and cabin are strip plank kiri and red cedar sheathed in glass and epoxy. Sleeps 5 and has enclosed head and seperate galley. Has square top main and big assymetric kite on extendable bowsprit. Twin rudders give excellent control.

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    Here is a good down to earth boat build review.

    Good read...
    It would be good to be a part of a project like this where there is a need and a lot of enthusiasm...
    A lot of camaraderie in there.
    Plus there is the adventurous side of it.
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    Scunthorp Hull Tech

    Lifeboat conversion

    Hi all I have started my lifeboat conversion lots of dirty grinding and getting rid of the foam. I will be fabricating a keel nixed a direct copy of Viking north's idea (thank the lord I met him). I will keep you posted John

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  9. hoxha
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    hoxha Junior Member


    We are dragging an 1980's German Cold War era patrol boat into our century. [​IMG]

    It really is German quality, even if it was build in the DDR. Very thick and dry polyester hull. Originally it had 2 Russian V8's which produce 140hp each. Each engine had it's own circuit, own battery, own hydraulics and even the steering was a double hydraulic pump. Boat had been out of the water since the 1990's. Very sturdy build, little to no rust.

    We are replacing the engines and hydraulics with 2 x mercruiser V6 4.3 MPI's. And changing the interior lay out. Including a heater, water, toilet, digital dials, chart plotter and so on. Essentially changing everything but the outside. The outside will get the same marine grey color, all the original accessories.

    Build process here: but in Dutch

    Project is going very quick. The Grensboot will be in the water end of march and fully painted by the end of april 2010.

    I'm roughly thinking of producing a complete new version of the Grensboot.
  10. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    Nice job, what motors are you re installing ? The hull looks very strong. Hope the seal on that sloped main cabin door has a good seal against rain. Most likely it has a series of "dog" latches to pull it in tight. Good looking work, Geo.
  11. hoxha
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    hoxha Junior Member

    Engine two 220hp. So 440hp. Should be enough for 8.800 pound ship:)
    The picture is a bit photoshopped for colors. The doors are very well designed, lots of rubber and very small roof, which is removed for painting. Can't wait to try the ship
  12. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    Shouldn't have any problem returning your investment towing waterskiiers and kite frieks.:) Geo.
  13. amariner
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  14. RayThackeray
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    RayThackeray Senior Member

    Purchased a new steel trawler hull, converting to motorsailer

    My new project for the next three years is this 56' hull. My initial plan is to design a sailing rig that will be practical for reaching and downwind sailing.

    I've ordered an electric motor and will be experimenting with a hybrid propulsion system using DC motors that will also charge from the prop shaft under sail. The engine will be connected via a hydraulic motor and of course whenever I want to charge the battery bank while underway using diesel power, I can even tap off some juice from the electric motors. The way the builder has constructed the boat means I can't actually connect the auxilliary directly to the shaft. I'm thinking of a minimum of 1 hour cruising under battery power, possibly up to 5 hours depending on my budget. Batteries get very expensive when you want 40 horsepower!

    Right now, I'm fuzzy on how to go about doing the stability calculations and determining what ballast I will need, the keel is pretty big and still open. I'm hoping against hope that simple poured concrete will do the job - I'm on a budget! I still have the opportunity to put in a big centreboard if needed... But I'd rather do the calculations myself with the right advice.

    The rudder, ballast and propulsion are not in yet so I have lots of flexibility right now and am open to ideas.

    Full Pic SM.jpg

  15. cthippo
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    cthippo Senior Member

    Nice, Ray. Keep us updated.
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