Boat Builder Show looking 4 EXPERIENCED builders

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by boatdreamer, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Hi. I sent an email to the yahoo mail box they connect you to and it camr back saying that they don't have an account with yahoo. Doesn't sound lagit to me.
  2. marshmat
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    paulkr- your Seamaster Yachts website shows some pretty cool projects, but it looks like a spambot has hijacked your web host's server... there's links to fake male-problem drug resellers springing up on the bottom link bar.
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    Might have to do with the misspelling of "renovations"?:rolleyes:
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    Is this real?... A TV series on the guys from Boat design forum? when it will be broadcast? he... Walrus would be a good pirate candidate.

    Edit: Sorry, dont know seaspark is a pregnant gay, I shouldnt say those harsh word upon you pal, This cartoon stripe to lighten your day.:)

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  5. paulkr
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    Marshmat, thanks for noticing , but please, fake?

    We've found that when some of our most highly prized customers get to the
    point in their lives when they can afford a large beautiful boat, which
    naturallly attracts beautiful woman, ahead of the curve.
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