Blue/Green Water Anchoring/Windlass/Chain/Anchor

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mydauphin, Mar 18, 2009.

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    mydauphin Senior Member

    Everyone knows, or should know that your anchor is the most important safety equipment on a boat, after the reliable engine. But here is the question...
    For a 72foot boat, 50tons, what size chain, windlasses and anchors should I use. I am replacing my present setup which is a single Danforth and looking for Dual or Triple setup. Perhaps, a Rocna, Northhill and keep Danforth for a day anchor.

    Rocna is said to be best. Northhill sets really fast and hard. Danforth, well I wont cry if I lose it.

    What size chain, I am looking at having a full 300' of chain and another spare rod of 300' with like 30' of chain.

    I am looking at a large vertical windlass and a slightly smaller one.

    If anchors are a little offset from center - I will use center hole for rope or snubber on anchor chains.

    Or perhaps you all can recommend one Anchor to do it all. I am looking for large anchors in 100lbs region and perhaps a smaller one for day anchoring.

    As always price is always a limiting concerned...

    All suggestions welcomed...
  2. Tcubed
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    Tcubed Boat Designer

    Northhill is a superb choice. In thousands of very varied conditions it has never let me down. Danforth is weak and unreliable.

    Always go conservative on anchor weight.

    If using all chain triple what you think might be necessary for ultimate shock absorption. (fat, long, tough, chafe gear, the works) .
  3. apex1

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    The Rocna is very good too, although I agree with the Triple.
    The size for a "real" blue water anchor I calculate:
    twice the displacement in tonnes is anchor weight in kilogram, so, 100kg in your case.

    >>>>I am looking at a large vertical windlass and a slightly smaller one. <<<<

    That means two different sizes of anchor and chain! Are you shure that is sensible?

    For the winches, I use "Steen" for heavy applications only. But the upper end of "Lofrans" and "Maxwell" would fit your needs as well for half the price. But still not cheap!

    The anchor weight limits your chain to 13mm size (better 14) and upwards, that again narrows your choice for winches / windlasses.

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  4. Landlubber
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    Landlubber Senior Member

    yeah to Apex and add use stud link chain too.
  5. M-Sasha

    M-Sasha Guest

    Yes to both Landlubber and apex, but oh boy, what a price range! And the Steen is above that?
  6. mark775

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    Where do you anchor and what don't you like about your Danforth?
  7. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Mark, you should rethink the first part of your question!?


    The second part is easy to answer: there are better systems available.

    And SASH... stay under your stone, your tiny stinkpots are fine with a rope and mudweight! lol.........
    But, yes, "Steens" are custom made only, that is not possible at dicount rates.
    BTW the oldest "Steen" engine I know of, is still on duty. Since 1908 she serves as a servo rudder steam engine in a German Tug. Naturally she had "excessive" overhauls during these 80 years (replacement of the bronce bearings every 20 years or so).
    Read: that is the cheapest equipment one can buy, install and forget....forever.


  8. mydauphin
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    More info.

    I plan to spend the next 10 years anchoring... Everywhere I can
    Seriously, I have always boated close to home where conditions are always the same. I want to have the anchor tackle to cruise worldwide at all kinds of depths with multiple redundancy and as easy as possible,

    As far as two different sizes, I would use large chain only setup for overnight anchoring and a lighter rode with chain for just day anchor in good weather. So I would have 60lb rope anchor for Day and a 120 pound all chain for longer stays. Would also want to carry a multi-anchor setup for storms.

    I also have multiple stern anchors for emergency and other uses.

    As far as Danforth it is ok for Day anchor. But if wind shifts, it loses grip and I find myself moving until it holds again.

    I want the ultimate practicle setup, even if I have to built it. I also don't believe that most people thing enough about the anchoring system...

    Anyway, all your guys help is appreciated.
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