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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Willallison, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Willallison
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    Willallison Senior Member

    Well, actually, without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am now officially a Westlawn graduate.:D :D :D :D
    Yep, 5 years, 11 months and 18 days is all it took for me to whip thru the course! Built two houses, two kids and a bunch of other stuff along the way.

    What I really want to say though, is a VERY BIG thanks to all of you guys. I could have got here without you, but you sure as hell made it a whole lot easier.:p

    So, there you have it. I now consider myself qualified to learn....;)
  2. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Well, congrats to our new grad!
    Well done, Will. Looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with next! And do stick around here, your contributions are much appreciated :)
  3. longliner45
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    longliner45 Senior Member

    congradulations,,I like to see persaveriance,,and modesty,I am a power lineman ,,I stay away from the ones (who know it all),,the masters are the ones who keep learning something everyday,,,now Ill listen to what you say ,,,again congrates,,,,,,,,,,,longliner
  4. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Yes congratulations, Errrmm what is it? Im sorry I dont even know what it is.
    Im not joking perhaps some others also would benefit from the question --What is a Westlawn thinghy.
  5. Willallison
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    Willallison Senior Member

    :D probably describes it best

    and thanks guys
  6. Mikey
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    Mikey Senior Member

    Congratulations Will,
    How on earth did you manage to do that, and 2 houses, and 2 kids, and 1876 posts???

    A Great Achievement, feel proud of yourself, you deserve it!

  7. MikeJohns
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    MikeJohns Senior Member

    Well done!
    Next step? You gotta go where your heart lies.
  8. alpamis34
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    alpamis34 Senior Member

    Well done Mate , wish you success in job search! Your match has just begun
  9. kach22i
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    kach22i Architect

    You got through school in half the time I did.

    2 years = AS (Associates)

    9 years = BS (should of took 4 years, but worked full time)

    2 years = MS (Masters)

    Total = 13 years

    I paid for it all myself with a little help from the government at times.

    It's all smooth sailing now.................NOT. Hang in there and congrats.
  10. yipster
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    yipster designer


  11. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Congratulations, Will!

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  12. duluthboats
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    duluthboats Senior Dreamer

    WHAT!!!! It seems like just the other day when you started down this road. Well maybe not to you. ;-) I don’t have a smiley face big enough for this. Congratulations Will!

    Gary :D
  13. dougfrolich
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    dougfrolich Senior Member

    Very Well Done Will!!!!!!!!
  14. Willallison
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    Willallison Senior Member

    Of my 1876 posts, 1800 of them were asking you guys for help!;)
    I really mean it when I say I wanted to thank everyone. This is an extraordinarily valuable resource - onya Jeff!

    Gary - nope....seems like a lifetime ago to me!

    Mike - Gotta figure out how to pay for that dream now...

    Thanks again everyone - I honestly didn't put this here to get a pat on the back from you all (nice though it is;) ) - just to let you know that all your efforts weren't (entirely) in vain....

  15. gerard baladi
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    gerard baladi Junior Member

    Since you are the "catalyst" for option 1 , are we going to see this thread energised?
    Good luck with everything that lies ahead
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