Bloodwirth Brothers?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by McNole, Dec 10, 2007.

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    As posted earlier, I have come into possession of a PT-22 Mustang, built in 1970 by a company called PLAStrend. I found someone who used to own a PT-22 1965 who said that she thought that the boat was designed by the Bloodwirth Brothers. She also mentioned that she was under the impression that only a few hundred had ever been made. Any insight?
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    Former PT22 (Plastrend "Mustang") owner

    My family bought a new PT22 Mustang in the late 60's after a hurricane destoyed our Rhodes 19 in New Orleans. I grew up sailing the boat. I believe it was built in Fort Worth. The boat was fast but overpowered in a blow. The rudder was a bit small for the sail area. I read a story along the way about someone that crossed the Atlantic from Europe, the Northern route, in a "Mustang" and survived. It is hard to believe but I think it wa true. Shows you there are all kinds of idiots in this world............
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