Blender for my Master Thesis

Discussion in 'Software' started by Claudio Valerio Parboni, Jun 7, 2020.

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    Blender is a software for design. I know in my post I haven't given full info about my thesis, but I have already defined a number of technical aspects applicable to yacht design, product validation and the software's application in the field.
    From my current understanding and the few tutorials I have completed, Blender is fairly challenging and has a completely different work-flow to Rhino. Although I understand your point of making a multi-software comparison, I believe there is just not enough time to learn multiple programs and produce valid work for each.

    Again, this is not my only thesis choice; I am also looking at more technical/engineering oriented projects and I am only concerned with understanding if my aims are realistic rather than feedback on the thesis itself (this is something I am already discussing with my lecturers at the university).
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    Claudio, do You study at Solent Uni?
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    Your proposal reads like a tutorial on a software product rather than a thesis. What are you going to write that goes beyond what the user manual and company training offers?
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    Hi sent a message PM about help with modelling in Blender, and the workflow on use with DELFShip or FreeShip.
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    Claudio, what would you like to do after you complete your degree? How do the alternative thesis topics relate to those desires?
  6. Claudio Valerio Parboni
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    Claudio Valerio Parboni Junior Member

    That's actually a tricky answer to give. I know I want to get into designing Sailing yachts, but In terms of which particular field (structures, naval architecture, production, design) I don't really have a preference yet. I am fairly interested in all of these. I understand why you ask this: I know that the thesis will contribute to what initial job path I will choose after my studies. To be fair this Blender thesis is more likely to push me towards a styiling, interior design or rendering direction. Where as my other choices have a more traditional Yacht Designer orientation ("Designing a stability foil with CFD" and "Investigating into bio-derived/recicleed FRP materials compared to traditional ones").

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    Unreal engine would be really awesome and fun for realtime VR. Last I checked it was free for amateurs. You could have a very realistic VR environment with a realistic ocean rendering too. You could even control and drive your superyacht around in Unreal. It might also be possible to have telepresence (complex), so while the client is in Dubai and you're in Italy you can walk around in the proposed ship together. VR can convey body language much better than video conferencing.
    It would be cool and fun. And for the smaller yacht I'm dreaming about it might be very helpful to see how the space actually feels, if it's cozy or claustrophobic. But not sure if such shenanigans would be commercially and academically viable.

    And getting animated 3D models into a game engine is challenging because they have technical restrictions to achieve performance. You need a specific workflow and have to understand how the rendering engine works. So you'd be hitting a double whammy of learning blender and unreal, although I'm sure there are tutorials for using blender with unreal. So if you'd have an existing and good looking "reference 3D design" of a yacht and only have to deal with the integration then maybe, but otherwise I'd recommend against it. But it's quite possible realtime VR will find find more uses in the future.

    The worst case I could imagine is the client is blown away and says "Wow that was so amazing, just like being there. Like owning the yacht already! I don't even need a yacht anymore! Hey could you design me a spaceship?" :D

    The alternative to realtime of course would be 360° stereoscopic video (but 8k or so). For presentations it makes much more sense because it doesn't require much hardware power to play back so you could upload it to youtube or use a mobile headset like the untethered oculus quest. A video while big is easy to transfer and has less compatibility issues. It's more accessible. So it's debatable how much realtime rendering with a big heavy gaming PC really adds to a presentation.

    Anyways, interesting topic. Reminds me of those plans to remove pilot big cargo ships. I also should add I'm not a designer or engineer or anything, just an amateur.
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