Blackfin transom mounted rudders

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    Newbie here. hello everyone who looks!

    After bringing a 29 Blackfin Combi to our Lake Erie environment and needing it to slow troll on a single engine (around 2 mph) I found out that we did not have enough rudder to keep her on course using an autopilot. I had made a matched set of SS rudders to match the original flanged rudder design and dimension. (Note: Blackfins have transom mounted rudders) So I removed the rudders and added material to the front (5") to the rear (6") and to the bottom (3")

    She now single engine slow trolls in any directions and conditions Lake Erie throws at us. New problem is hard steering and if you put her in a turn harder to bring out. Now I know I need to trim some material back but how much? I think the amount I added forward also may be the biggest culprit. I will try to load a sketch of the rudder blades before and after and a couple of shots installed before and after.

    Any suggestions as to my next move?

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