Black Marlin-a smart trailable 32' cruiser/racer tri

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by pogo, Apr 29, 2016.

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    pogo ingenious dilletante

    From the HP of VISIONBOATS; Denmark :

    Black Marlin
    The new tramaranis intended as a succsor to Barracuda. It is designed more as a cruising boat with more space but without renouncing the speed. I have used the latest ideas in hull and rig design which ensures both speed and comfort and so must be able to do it all:

    Kevlar-reinforced bottom – so you can get into shallow water
    Can be placed on a trailer and is so light that is doesn’t require a big car
    Two-piece mast – so it can be sent anywhere in a 40 foot container.
    Folds – so it fits in a common harbor
    Suitable for offshore sailing
    Can be built in wood or carbon
    Everything must be cast in epoxy to keep the weight down
    It can be made in either a touring version, with a rudder on the main hull and a smaller and more manageable rig, or a faster version, with two rudders and a bigger rig, for the more experienced multihull sailor.

    The trimaran is an offshore boat but is small enough to be trailed.

    The Trimaran is completely self-sufficient with solar cells build into the roof, which supplies the motor. This combined with and extremely easily driven boat makes is completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

    The first one is now being built in Germany by Berthold Daum, see more on his blog*

    Technical Specification

    Racing rig:

    Total length: 10.20 m

    Length main-hull: 9.60 m

    Folded length: 11.50 m

    Width: 7.80m

    Folded width: 3.55 m

    Width main-hull: 2.54 m

    Draft: 2.10 m

    Draft ex. retractable keel: 0.40 m

    Mast height over water: 16.50 m

    Weight (ready to sail):1700 kg

    Mainsail: 53 m²

    Jib: 19.5 m²

    Code 0: 40 m²

    Gennaker: 95 m²


    Pix and vids and more:

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    Corley epoxy coated

    It seems like a well thought out boat which addresses it's design brief well. Their mast building process sounds intriguing and a 65-70% fibre to resin ratio is very impressive.
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    Marmoset Senior Member

    I still love the barracuda.


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    pogo ingenious dilletante

    Yepp, but the Barracuda is more a coastal racer/cruiser with much less interior volume.

    Black Marlin is more cruising orientated , featuring a permanent table , a pretty long pantryblock , a charttable , a very deep and troublefree centerboard ( kick-up), a self-tacking jib , little folded beam ( John Westell principle)
    and she's very light ( 1700kg)

    Compared with the non -trailerable DF 32 that has only little more interior space but comes in at at 3300kg with inboard. Her poor LWL/BWL ratio and weight compensated by massive SA and huge amas....
    Powerful , heavy fatty:

    Compared with the Cruze 970; inside looking like a fridge, her exposed balcony- cockpit, her incorrect weight, her ancient floats ' cause of folding .....

    i think the Black Marlin is the mostest,
    no wonder, she's the latest, with the least compromises , targeting for fast coastal and offshore cruising for 2, sometimes 4, while still being trailerable (!).

    The other boats above have other priorities, either more comfort thru wooden interior while being sailable for john doe, or much more thrilling, or as cheap as possible----with all the drawbacks.

    I think actually the Black Marlin is the benchmark.

    Unfortunately the Seon 96 is out of production .
    There ain' t no further pix in the www, sorry.
    the Seon is a more coastal coastal boat, a smart design as all Törnblom designs .

    we all don't have the money for those production boats above,
    we all have different needs.
    Some of us want safe cruising with biminini in a warm climate, some of us want
    pure sang racers, some of us want fast practical ocean, or coastal crusing,
    often with trailerable boats.
    Or, in between ?

    What production trimarans from 30 to 33' do we have ?

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