BIM in marine design

Discussion in 'Software' started by ruysg, Dec 6, 2018.

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    I have some friends in the AEC buisness and through them got introduced to BIM (building information modeling). The ideia is to have only one database for the whole life cycle of a project that is shared by all stakeholders. For a more in depht explanation there are several articles on the web, like for example:

    It seems that such a concept would be applicable to marine design as well. Does anyone know of any applications of BIM in the marine field, such as boats, ships, oil rigs, or floating stuctures in general? I found at least one article mentioning the use of BIM on the design of a cruiser:


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    Maybe you do not find more articles because it is a technique so used in shipbuilding that articles are no longer written about it. Since the 1980s, big and medium-sized shipyards, for passenger ships and for large or small cargo ships, use CAD / CAM packages ranging from conceptual design to detail engineering, including parts of the structure. , pipes, electrical gutters, air conditioning ducts, decoration ... and, of course, how could it be otherwise, obtaining the "as built" drawings. All based on 3D parametric models in which a modification in any element reverberated and modified the elements associated with it.
    A technique without which the current shipbuilding would not be understood.
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