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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by dm567, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. dm567
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    dm567 Junior Member

    I'm looking for an offshore capable power boat with interior helm in the 35 foot range.

    I've been advised that the Bertram is a good choice. However, how many Bertrams were fitted with an interior helm?
  2. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Bertram does have a good reputation.
    Before you get this specific though, I'd suggest you narrow down your needs more. Have you gone through a boatbuyer's checklist yet, and figured out exactly what your needs, wants and no-gos are?
  3. dm567
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    dm567 Junior Member

    I need a boat 35 foot and under that will accomodate me and my wife and two children. I want it to be able to travel inland waterways as well as be safe offshore. I live in San Francisco. It needs to be economical so I'm firm on it being diesel powered. It needs to have an inside helm so as not to freeze in the bay; hoping this will generate more use. The 35 foot limitation is because of the difficulty of getting longer slips in my area.
  4. robk
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    robk Junior Member


    I'm in the same market as you are but I am looking for a sport fisherman boat. Basically a Bertram or Egg Harbor. Something of that style. The sport fishermans are luxurios but are also great fishing boats.

    I'm investigating the costs associated with buying a 1976-1985 33-40fter. Both ready to go boat or a boat that needs refurbishing.

    I've noticed your comments about diesels and them being economical. What I'm finding is that the cost to acquire and/or rebuild a diesel off sets any gas savings they offer over a gas engine. In addition the diesels are ideal for a heavy use long range boat. Like an offshore fisherman who spends 3-6mo a year running his motor for days on end.

    IMO I would go with gas. But I'm also a rookie so what the heck do I know. This is just what I'm learning as of late.
  5. Pericles
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    "It needs to be economical so I'm firm on it being diesel powered. "

    Economical is a function of the boats speed.

    The Bertram was designed as a "fast" boat so will never be "economical" to operate , as youre paying for the fast design , even when cruising below hull speed at 5K.

    Perhaps a trawler would be a better choice if you wish to burn 2 gph at 6K , rather than 15gph at 15K.


  7. hannah3
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    hannah3 New Member

    i am recently divorced and have a 25' Bertram Center Console in Ft. Myers, FL
    that i am looking to sell. It is a 1965 but in great condition, t-top, twin outriggers, live well, full electronics (GPS-Lowrance, Furuno Radar, Dept finder). Somebody make an offer.....
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