Best Shots Of Sailing Under Extreem Conditions

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Boston, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Another thing with the fast rising thunder storms.. You never know how they move and therefore the winds are unpredictable.
  2. Paul B

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    The young boy in that video grew up to be "Commodore" Tompkins of Mill Valley, CA. Commodore is now nearly 80 years of age.

    Commodore was one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and talented sailors on the West coast for years. He was a great racer and a most sought after delivery skipper worldwide.

    When it came time to build his own cruising boat he did not choose a schooner, or gaff rigs, or a long keel, or heavy displacement. He finished off a modified Wylie 38 ULDB from a bare hull and has been cruising the Pacific on and off (between deliveries and races) for the past 5 years.

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  3. Boston

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    these guys do a lot more swimming than sailing

  4. Zed
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    I figured that the guys playing with fenders owned the boat.
  5. Asleep Helmsman
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    Fenders, smenders, what he needed was uprights.
  6. Bob E
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    Bob E some day

    I love the scene in "Captains Courageous", the version starring Barrymore, MacDowell, Tracy, and Quinn, where the loaded cod schooners are racing back to port because the first in would get the highest price.

    One ship lays over on its side, rigging in the water, losing headway, then slowly righting itself. It does not look like effects in this classic movie. It looks like genuine footage from the last days of the schooners, but I'm no expert.

    I could not find the clip on the net.

  7. capt vimes
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    3:45 you see them fiddling with fenders - sure... you noticed the windforces at that time already?
    the one in the first boat was actually laughing... probably knowing what is going to happen and having a good insurance... :p

    i told you - those thunderstorms build up so fast and unpredictable, that you have to be at the spot if you want to move your boat in time...
    "oh... there comes a thunderstorm..." 20-30 min later you are hit with windforces 9 and above, hail, raining cats and dogs and another 10-15 min later its over...
    and only 1 out of 50 thunderstorms coming in that bad... you do not jump at every sign...

    i guess that in that video not a lot is missing... probably a couple of minutes has been cut out, showing the events almost in their real time of history...
    goole earth: 47°55'1.70"N, 16°51'3.98"E... thats the pier...
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  9. evantica
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    One of the greatest clip I've ever seen! Such harmony and nice attitude towards their children and so on... I'm envy those kind of peolple
    PS. I rather went sailing with the scooner than the light racer sailing boat DS.
  10. Boston

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    thay type of following sea is about the one thing that can get me hurling over the rail
    typically I have a cast iron stomach but there was one occasion when after a few hours of that and I was done
    not entirely incapacitated but I was sick as a dog
    only saving grace was so was everyone else
  11. evantica
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    Boston. Theres a great clip on my site when sir Robin knox went sailing around cape horn.
  12. Boston

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    very pleasant watching that thanks

    The large sea state they were in early on in there journey round was something I have dealt with well in the past. Its that following sea with a corkscrew off the top that did me in, I felt lucky to at least be functional though as we had several folks down and out for the count.

  13. Landlubber
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    No doubt the 12 footers are the most fun. I used to sail an 18, but the 12's guys are nuts.

    I have seen the rudder only in the water when they used to sail around Woolwich (Sydney Harbour)...they are forever screaming out , so they must be off their trees.
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