Best naval architecture/ marine engineering schools

Discussion in 'Education' started by grantlen2211, Oct 14, 2013.

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    I live in the US and I want to study Naval architecture/ Marine engineering. I am looking at going to school in the US. My top choices for schools are U.Michigan, Stevens institute of Technology, and U. New Orleans (UNO). Which one has the best program? Which one will help me more in the field later in life and will find me a job faster?
    Thanks so much!!!!!:)
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    Go to Harvey Mudd. Get your degree in Engineering. Then get your master's at one of the NA schools.

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    The best school to go to depends on your ability, resources, and where you want to end up. Generally, picking the proper school (i.e. who recruits from who) and cultivating contacts (social networking) in where you want to end up will get you your first job.

    After that, I have found that people generally fall into places that their talents/desires excel (but you always have to do your own weights). It is important to understand that getting into a specialized field (like yacht or AUV design) is more about developing production/operational knowledge, social contacts and business/admin skills than it is about the underlying engineering degree. So where you end up later in life is more about what you do than where you went to school.

    Look into the following schools...

    For general Naval Architecture, Webb or UofM in NA&ME

    For small craft, UNO, Stevens, or do the Westlawn course. Note that Stevens is NOT a NA&ME degree, only a BoS in Naval Engineering under the Civil Engineering Department

    For ROV/AUV, FAU or MIT as an OE

    For a oceanographic/scientific bent, UW or Berkley in their specialized programs

    For oil patch, go to FIT or Texas A&M as an OE

    For merchant ship operations any of the maritime academies

    For commissioned military service, USCGA or USNA

    For a good schools list and a brief discussion of the differences between Naval Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Marine Engineering, go to
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