Best mid 20ft. Gunkholer

Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by flathead65, Sep 12, 2015.

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    After a long deliberation I have decided to go with a glass production boat as opposed to spending the next 5 years in my shop. I've built 3 boats and that's enough. I am looking at the used market and have determined I need a trailerable mid 20ft'er with reasonable creature comfort. The Mac 25, Catalina 22( nice but almost too small) and O'day 23 are three boats to consider. The swing keel is kind of necessary I guess for poking around in the skinny spots I want to go. I'm sure you've been asked this before but, are there any other models I should be on the lookout for that I have overlooked? Just want to go enjoy life.Thanks.
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  3. flathead65
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    I need something available a little closer to home. I'm in the PNW so I'm going to concentrate on local stuff. Anything else domestic you guys can think of?
    I thought I posted in the sailboat category? An outboard hanging off the back will be all the motor I need.
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    Cs 22

    Canadian Sailcraft

    A boat that does not sail like a haystack!


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    Hard to go past a Mac 26 for room, shallow water ability and price. Sails OK too, but you will enjoy a bit of motor power I am sure.
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    There are literally dozens of models to choose from in this general size range. Some sail well under their rating, while other have no design compromises to suit any rating. Decide what you want from the design and this will limit your choices.
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    Don't forget to consider your tow vehicle. How much weight are you willing to lug down the highway? And how far do you plan to travel I your cruising grounds? So many more questions to consider.
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