Best lube for new O-rings

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by burke, Jul 8, 2014.

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    Overhauled all three external Volvo TAMD31P heat exchangers. Got new seals and O-rings. The Volvo service manual does not mention applying any product when re-assembling. Advice for O-rings sealing oil (probably just oil), O-rings sealing seawater, O-rings sealing coolant?

    Related question: any lube or product useful when re-inserting cooling hoses in the bronze or aluminum nipples? Not to seal as much as to allow easy disassembly later of a ten year old engine.

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    For rubber water hoses the best lubricant is dishwashing liquid. It will not attack or deteriorate the material
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    different o-rings compatible with different chemicals will require different dressings. so make sure you use not only the correct o-ring for the application, but also a compatible dressing or lubricant for it or it may disintegrate.

    I think lubricant is important because the o-ring can get pinched or snagged during finally assembly, and damaged, when you can not even see it. I had that happen once, and had to do the job over again, in a place that was difficult to reach. so I always lubricate them now, but you must verify you have the correct o-ring material for the application (they are not all created equal), and the correct lubricant.

    good luck.
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