best lightweight production beach cruisers

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    Hello boatdesign world! I would like to solicit your ideas on what production sailing vessels are the best lightweight beach cruisers. My criteria are pretty simple:
    1) Lightweight/Trailerable: Total towing weight less than 1500 pounds (that's the capacity of my Honda Element)
    2) Shallow draft: Capable of exploring Florida Bay and Everglades coastal and inland waterways
    3) Overnight Cruiser: Overnigth accomodations for 2 adults for week long expeditions
    4) Comfort: Good ventilation as well as sun, mosquito and rain protection
    5) Non-powered: Capable of being propelled without power or sail for short distances (rowed/sculled/pedaled/etc.)
    6) Sailing Performance: The final discriminator!

    The only two vessels I have found so far are the Norseboat 17.5 and the Sea Perl 21 (mono and trimaran). I considered the WindRider 17 and others but rejected them based on my desire to sleep on the boat and not beach camp.

    I am attracted to a deployable tent structure but would consider a boom tent too (as long as it offers good protection from rain and mosquitoes) and would also consider a traditional cabin (if one could be had on a vessel that is still light enough).

    Please give me your advice and opinions on all of the above.

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