Best Inside Passage Trawler??

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DanRay, Sep 10, 2010.

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    These engines in service with the US Navy have seen over 15,000 hours with no issues (head never off).

    I doubt even 5% of the USN time was at less than full throttle, which helps service life , as does 24/7 operation .

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    I doubt that 50-80% load will result in the glazing problems seen on lightly used engines with mechanical injection systems. Fast warm-ups and accurate fuel systems have reduced (not eliminated) blow-by problems to a great extent. Idling in and out of a marina, then running in the 50-80% load range for a few hours is not going to damage the engines. Using the same engines to charge batteries for a refrigerator and never running them under load would certainly reduce their service life.

    I can't find any reports of glazing or reduced service life on QSB engines. These engines get short hopped, run lightly loaded and idled for prolonged periods in on-road applications and have a reputation as "million mile engines".

    This is getting pretty far off topic for this thread, but it does point out that the power required to plane compared to the power required for efficient (relatively) displacement cruising makes engine selection interesting for boats of this type.
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    Dan Ray asked about "trawlers" not megayachts, high speed cruisers or passagemakers. I think what he had in mind was should I buy a GB or a Nordic, a CHB or a Marine Trader or a Monk ect ect. And why are you guys putting such great emphasis on fuel consumption? There's lots of places to buy fuel in SE so range is not an issue. Anyone who can afford these boats can afford (see above) can afford their fuel burn so when is someone going to tell Dan Ray what IP trawler to choose? We've gone (how many pages now) and I don't recall anyone even presenting the normal requirements for such a vessel.

    Easy Rider
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    I think Dan has seen some of the limitations of trawlers and is looking at other types. If that was not the case I would not have posted in the thread. Strangely enough, fuel consumption is one of the topics that almost always comes up in discussions about power boats and is often used as a positive for displacement trawlers. These discussions hinge around speed, range and fuel consumption.
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    Apex, thanks for the link to your post about CPP, lots of info and links there to explore.

  6. apex1

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    Welcome Tom.
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