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Discussion in 'Materials' started by scphantm, May 17, 2010.

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    im sorry, i searched for a bit and couldn't find the answer so im just asking. ive got several hundred pounds of glass to lay using vinyl ester resin. my disposable gloves last about 5 minutes before melting. what gloves are the best? the ones im using now are nitrile from home depot. i tried silicone from the tool supply and they are twice the price for 2 minutes longer. do any of you guys have any suggestions?

    brand names would be welcome here. the kind of lay ups im doing are pretty complicated so i need to have my hands down in the resin and getting soaked before i start laying them up so short of hard core chemical gloves do any one of you have a disposable glove that i can get, say a half hour soaked in resin with?
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    scphantm, I use cheapo nitril gloves & also the flock lined gloves that some use for washing the dishes- they stand acetone ok, my usual brand is ansell. All the best from Jeff.
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    I ran out of gloves once so I used some black rubber ones that I had like these...


    They worked surprisingly well and I used that pair for months. They were easy to wash off with acetone, not so tight as to smother your hands and make them sweat. The cuffs could be rolled up to catch resin when working overhead. Every once in awhile I would wash the insides with soap and water.
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