Best engine controls for mechanical gearboxes

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by simon, Jan 15, 2009.

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    What are your experiences with engine controls. The ones I have used, have turned out to be throw-away items with a life-span of 2 years. They freeze because of corrosion and are enclosed, so that they are impossible to service. OK, one was a cheap copy and the other one a Teleflex.

    Does anyone have experience with Kobelt engine controls? Do you know other heavy duty, simple and corrosion resistant engine controls?


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    Its a huge pain to install but pure mechanical,

    A lever with a bolt in a pipe and a bell crank will get most heavy to shift mechanical gear boxes to work fine. For decades.

    A large lever may be needed , so the handle is usually against a bulkhead and hinged, so it only takes room while actually shifting.

    Thru the floor lever is OK bit noise/heat may sneak up, and even with a tennis ball on top may eat toes or shins.

    Be very careful to have a detent or lock in the neutral position, as even slight engagement tranny will cause large loads on cleats etc.

    Our DD idles at 400rpm and has 3-1 gears with 32x32 prop.

    Hard to hold at even 5 shaft rpm!!

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    We install KOBELT solely. Not a bargain, not leightweight, no hightech, but they stand the time and wear.

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