Best Design for Minimalist Trailerable Coastal Cruising

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Chris Ostlind, Sep 29, 2006.

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    This is the paper I was talking about, I think. Nigel Irens was the author
    There are others - a quick google will soon find them...
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    Nice boat, very much in the line of the displacement glider.
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    I think "best" is very much a matter of what the individual wants! I've just posted a thread on design of my personal ideal boat - that would fit in this category (as mentioned earlier, between canoe/kayak on one end and more typical cruising sailboat on the other).
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    see below-

    my ideal boat, but out of steel!
    Matt Layden design

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    Forget that last post- revisions

    Motor only, forget the complications of sail. 4-10 hp. outboard, change fore birth to a cargo hold, with removable davit with capacity of 400 lbs. Hinged cargo doors on deck to keep motorcycle inside. Centerboard compartment changed to dog quarters. Outrigger arm on port side for offloading cargo. I am open to observations on this design, construction to be mild steel. "simple is, as simple does" Lots of white epoxy paint and antifouling bottom, and Id cruise for the rest of my life.
    Heavy boats just ride better, I would be interested in paying someone to develop this in rhino to be laser cut. I am a metal fabricator and sculptor by trade, I could build from offsets, but would rather it be a Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am project, done to exacting standards by one of you salty dog engineers.

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    Go GREG GO!!!
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