Best coolant for a Volvo TAMD31P, '04

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by burke, May 26, 2014.

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    Just bought a boat with very dirty freshwater cooled antifreeze in the Volvo TAMD31P. Nine year old engine, never changed per the lab test. Think I'll drain it and flush with fresh, then a coolant flush automotive product. The Volvo antifreeze works out to over $60 a gallon, full strength. Ridiculous. Many types and color AFs out there. Suggestions for which type?

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    The type of AF is not the concern , most are very similar.

    The Key is weather a SCA is required as an addative..

    This chemical helps stop the formation of cavitation bubbles as the cylinder rings.

    With out it the cylinders can dissolve from the coolant carrying off iron atoms .

    I would use a 2 part flush (and flush and flush,,,) to clean the cooling system then add the proper color antifreez ONLY with distilled water and check the SCA with a kit from the local big truck stop.
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