Best 30-32 foot offshore 80% cruiser 20% fishing ... help!

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by aquadome, Jul 10, 2014.

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    I want to share this link with you as another option in boat style and not necessarily this boat as it is expensive.

    I wanted you to see a different type of lay out such as the nice deck and open area which can be enclosed as the healm area. Room for the family to move around and play and not be in moms way. lol
    Another thing is galley up or down and how the galley area is laid out as far as sitting and relaxing besides a simple dinette setting. So many choices and keep in mind that with a convertible or open you will want some type of full encloser other then just a simple bimi top.

    Sometimes a simple "chevy" out perform all others.

    Hatteras and egg harbor and ocean alexander and ocean yacht make some nice combo's that would fit your desire too.

    Now then with this said I want to share a few more links as other options as well.
    Do not over look some trawlers for there are those which have a semi v hull and can get top speeds of 22 to 30 knts. Not that slow. Such as this one at 22

    Also here which gives you pdf's in this section to download and many choices and size range or you can go to the main site other then the loop boats and I only used this place because it is in Florida and I know Nothing about this place.

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