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Discussion in 'Outboards' started by High Pursuit, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Hi Folks - Well I've been reading reviews and forums on the internet and I'll tell you, it's enough to make your head spin around and around. So I'm thinking about re-powering my 1987 Pursuit 2600 Cuddy. Currently I have twin 150 HP late 90's Yamaha two strokes. I'm looking into some of the newer 4 strokes, verses 2 strokes and the torque curves, maintenance, etc. I like the idea of four strokes (no oil injection, quieter, etc.) but I don't want to give up performance. It seems allot of people are loyal to a certain brand rather than the actual specs. Does anyone know where I can find an OB "shootout" type of chart? Or share your experience and research I just want to buy what is best for my model.

    And then there's the whole idea of to one 300 HP rather than the twin 150's.
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    A single engine is always more economical to operate. Twin engines allow you to steer
    better in tight conditions and can provide added thrust if you are pushing a very heavy boat. My build is 30'- o6" x 8'-6" and I have decided on a single main engine with a 10 hp high thrust kicker engine for fishing and emergencys. I am money ahead on purchase and money ahead on operation. And if I just want to putcz around I'll use the 10 hp. My 2 bits.
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    An engineer told me: "You only use Two engines when you cannot get the HP you need out of one engine!"

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    If you give up your 2x 150's you wont need 300 to get the same speed and performance possibly a single 250 could do the same job . there's usually a big weight reduction not only from the motors but all the other things that go with twin rigs . then theres less water drag and when all is set and done there could be the bonus of better economy and a speed gain !!.
    Best place I know of is BOATTEST.COM to check out motors and performance data !! :idea:
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