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    Can anyone tell me why even the largest cruise ships use thrusters to berth without tug boat assistance but i never see cargo ships berth without tugs. is this something to do with the maritime unions in Australia or is it normal practice everywhere.
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    Cruise ships are on tight schedules, docking almost daily, often in ports where multiple cruise ships are doing the same and it makes sense for them to have the expensive equipment (azipods and thrusters) to be able to handle docking themselves without waiting for tugs, whereas cargo ships are more often making passages involving days and weeks where supporting that kind of equipment may not make as much sense.

    [Just a guess, but I think it makes some sense]
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    Aboatguy is on the right track,
    Here's a link to Sydney requirements

    Scroll down to 2.100 for an indication.
    Mostly about reducing risk, rubbing the edges is expensive so the cost of tugs is insignificant compared to an accidental grounding/shore interface/collision.
    I have some first hand experience in the effectiveness of the procedures, use of tugs and attendant vessels when the holes in the cheese line up;)

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    Maybe tug boat exhaust would gag passengers.

    Cruise ship exhaust only gags the town's people.

    And the Unions. :) Load of boxes of stuff and Union on strike is one thing. Load of passengers on a ship and unable to dock due to strike is another.
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    The cargo boats have a single engine for propulsion, and a gen set or two for power.

    The cost of a sked tug is not high and frequently a port requirement.

    The cruise boats may have a dozen gen sets to handle propulsion and a greatly varying house load.

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    normal everywhere, I'm sure the unions hate it
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