Berthing a multihull

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    This is really one for the English south coast sailors who understand just how crowded places like the Solent can get but if anyone else has good experience of cruising in the UK's cheaper, smaller harbours I'd like to hear your thoughts too.

    Coming from a background of dinghy sailing, I'm currently debating whether or not to build a small multihull or refurbish a small monohull (likely to be bilge keel or similar). My chosen boat is going to be mostly cruised around the south coast and berthed mainly somewhere on the Isle of Wight. As such, I'm concerned that a multihull's width will be restrictive in places that will be able to accept the boat (as a visitor) or is this offset by the greatly reduced draft? ie. being tucked away in a muddy corner. I'm aware that costs are usually 50% extra for a multi vs a mono.

    I'm currently sailing an F18 cat, so the idea of a multihull does appeal somewhat, but I don't want to build a great boat only to find I can't easily visit anywhere! Please no multi-vs-mono debate, just some practical experience on sailing an unusually proportioned boat in crowded waters.
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