Beneteau Figaro 1

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by RichR, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Hi All,

    Looking for oppinions on wether you think the figaro 1 (not figaro 2 as way out of price range) would be an efffective cruiser. From what i can tell it has decent accomidation, good safety record as well as good pace. I havent been able to find out what the irc rating is but with the equipment they come with they seem very good value. Also are there fleets of these still being raced?

    Cheers for any info

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    figaro 1

    According to one article on the web, the author states:

    I Liked:

    The response to control inputs; educational
    Sail adjustment made easy by simple convenient controls
    Weather helm and feedback
    Stiffness without water ballast
    Simple rig, not likely to make a damaging mistake when tired
    Bullet proof construction of hull and rig
    Easy acceleration in gusts
    Prop checking window in hull
    Minimalist accommodation, with standing headroom and no toilet.
    Dual water inlets for engine in case of blockage, with vetus strainer above WL.

    I did not like

    No spray hood, roof mounted winches and jammers in the way?
    String management , long bags in cockpit sides for tails.
    Shallow cockpit, offers little protection at sea, multiple bruising on fittings
    Chain plate rods bisect saloon berths, special y shaped sleeping bag reqd?
    Genoa winches remote from helm position, cross winching may work?
    Shallow bilges mean the two lower lockers in galley and chart table are awash.
    Engine cover is easy to remove, i.e. never stays in place!
    Anti bonking bunks.

    She has the lines of a cruiser but below deck she's a bit tight.
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