Bellona 23 turbo

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    It was like a windfall.
    Old familiar girl, (actually, she is 1600kg)
    with broken mast... .
    A few ideas what she would like to wear.
    Attached photos before and after.
    ( in "before" photo she is in foreground; headsail is the same in both photos)

    Results, apart from looks (esthetics are not the same for everyone) is marked improve in speed:
    * in ~25 knots, under white sails versus white sails, in dead run she was slightly faster as Carter 30 (loaded with large company of turists, but stil...)
    * in ~ 5-7 knots, close-hauled / broad reaching exaclty same as Linnjet 30
    and correct balance, starting from ~6 cnots of wind instead of ~18.

    comments welcome

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    I missed this earlier-very interesting!
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