Been given a boat, what to do???

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by rad..., Jun 17, 2010.

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    I can't make out that much from the pictures but I would note:

    1. There is a monster amount of work required to bring that structure up to the point where you could sail it.
    2. Based on my experience with boats there is likely to be more money required to bring that boat to completion that it would cost to buy a similarly sized second hand vessel.
    3. As an unknown design, the resale value may be lower than other boats of a similar size.

    I hate to come across all negative but taking on a project like that would be a big undertaking and not one to go into lightly or without a full understanding of the alternate options.
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    Is anyone familiar with the term "White Elephant"?

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    Looks like a very old design...

    Personal opinion - look for something a bit more modern

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    Before this offer came up, had you seriously considered building a boat yourself ?
    If you were already planning on it, then getting it at this stage might just speed up your timeline a bit and help in the cost. But it doesn't sound like that's the case here.

    Can you track down the missing plans ?

    Don't take offense to this, but if you describe your own experience level as having "done a bit of boatbuilding" and your financial outlook as "its the only forseeable way i'll ever own a boat", you might wind up paying someone do do different parts of the boat and increase the cost quite a bit. Of course, that'll be intermittent so you can bank for it.

    Hehe...old boatbuilder's saying: building 'em means you'll never own one.

    How are you at laying flooring ?
    Electrical (AC & DC) ?
    Installing a diesel ?
    Wallpapering ?
    Glazing ?
    Worst of all, fairing ?

    That said, that hull could look downright sexy

    JMHO of course.
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    That's not true. I've built several and I'm overun with them all! Only thing to do now is build another ...
  6. rad...
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    Hi all, Thanks for the helpfull advice, i guess it confirms what i've been thinking, I'm glad i hav'nt spent any money on it yet.
    Now for some advice on telling him (my uncle) I dont really want it and he's wasted his time:( :( I suppose we could sell the lead in the keel and the steel in the trailer, would'nt get much for that i dont think. :idea: i suppose we could turn it into a mooring minder, how would that be??? but there's no moorings around here so that would'nt work. :rolleyes:
    I think I'll give this one a miss and look for a sound secondhand one that is mostly all there, should give me abit of time to save up some money too.
    Thanks again guys, you're all champions!!!!:) :)
    Take care all, Cheers. rad...:)
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    Hi rad,
    Yes, I agree with your decision. Unfortunately, unless you have everything you need to finish a project like this you have to buy what you need at today's prices. And that pushes the price over what you could buy a used boat for. And that is not even talking about all the hours of work you would need to complete it. So, even though it's sad when projects aren't completed it's a good decision and good advice you've had.

  8. Deadeye
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    I built boats that were between $750k-1 mill

    Now I do canoes and dories with delusions of grandeur...
    But somehow it's not the same when you can put 'em in the back of your truck :D
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