Becker Type Rudders

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by NB Willawaw, Dec 29, 2005.

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    Has anybody experimented with a hinged flap rudder similar to the Becker/Hatlapa Design often used on ships ?

    It seems to me that their ability to provide lateral thrust and therefore assist with berthing would have benefits in harbours and rivers.

    Does anybody produce a rudder of this type at a reasonable price - I believe that the Becker product only starts at ship size !
  2. h_zwakenberg
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    h_zwakenberg HullDrag/32 programmer

    this has been done on 12-meter (former AC class) yachts as well, with some solutions dividing the rudder in more than two sections.
    Theoretically, by introducing camber to the rudder section this way, you'd need less of a rudder angle to get a required lift, so this might reduce resistance. A mechanical nightmare though, especially so in marine environments...

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    Becker Rudder System

    Dear NB

    I am the master on the 62mts yacht Solemar. We utilise the Becker independent system and i have to say it is the best steering control I have ever used. I manouvre the vessel with rudders towed in 30dgs. That way I don't have to touch the steering agin until docking is complete. It is very positive steering with both normal and high speed pump backup. the vessel turns in it's own length with both engines ahead and rudders to full lock, either port or stbd. If I built a new vessel there would be no hesitation about installing this system again.

  4. KFB
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    Van Der Velden manufactures high-lift "Barke" rudders for the yachting industry. I have been involved on a 150' Trideck built in the US, where these rudders were installed in an FRP hull. The resulting turning characteristics were impressive on sea trials, but I've not had the oppertunity to follow-up with the Captain regarding his overall opinion of the system. Van Der Velden provided the entire hydraulic system, and the vessel was ABS A1 Maltese Cross certified, so from the design side of the project, it was only a matter of figuring out the mounting details. I'll be most interested in future maintenence and servuce issues, as they compare with conventional rudders-we'll see.
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    innomare Naval Architect

    boat size flap rudders

    Have a look at
    That's probably what you are looking for.

    It is a fact that a flap rudder can give you more lift (steering power) for less drag (resistance). It's added complexity though (and cost)...


    Naval Architect

  6. tom kane
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    This type of rudder for smaller boats with Provisional Patent style text and diagram.
    A two piece rudder,with D being a balanced rudder with an un-fixed shaft being supported inside A, D having a hinged tail-piece attached at C. A being a sleve supported by bearings with an attachment to turn tail-piece C when sleve A is turned at point E.

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