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Discussion in 'Stability' started by Hiteker, Jan 13, 2017.

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    I have been killing myself trying to understand what boat to build/buy. I have a 25 foot Romarine (like a parker) with a single 300 Evinrude on a stainless marine bracket. Love the boat. Vee angle only 16 degrees boat weight about 5000#. I fish Giant Bluefin, Shark and ground fish out of Gloucester. It's new England weather, not Florida. The boat really limits my days on the water. I have a 35 Bertram in my yard that needs everything. Money is one thing, but practicality is another. That beast is gonna be expensive to own. $1000 everytime I have to bring it to my shop to fix or take out of the water. Would like a boat that is 12 feet wide max..I can haul that with a permit. I have been eyeing a offshore race boat hull its a 34 stutphen. almost free. A bracket. 2 300 outboards, transom is bracket ready and I want to make it like this.

    My question is, what are these narrow beam boats like sideways to 3 footers when parked? The beams are so narrow, like 9 feet. The Florida guys say go for it...its very different up here. we will drift sideways to the waves for hours. Sometimes 3 -5 footers. These narrow beam boats dont seem to strike me as the right choice.
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    Naturally a deeper vee and a narrower beam is not so good at rest, but there are ways, drogues, e.g., not ideal for fishing though, of adjusting the drift attitude of boats, if direct beam-on is too bothersome. Even so, you will likely still have more roll to contend with, but the axis is more favourable away from beam-on.
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