Beachcat foils, planform.

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Rolf Nilsen, Aug 6, 2007.

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    The image show the new australian version of Phill Branders Blade F-16 design, as buildt by Marcus Towell.

    I was sitting her looking at the foils, and noticed how the chord of the daggerboards now are smaller than the rudders. This makes sense theorethically as far as I know, as the daggerboards mostly operate at low AoA and hopefully dont stall except during tacks and jibes while the rudders could use more chord to recover from stalls faster. What made me post was the planform of the foils.

    The daggerboards have a tapering aft edge, and a rounded tip. Why the taper?
    Also, the rudders have a profile I have not seen before, looks very "organic" with the rounded leading tip, but a pointed aft section at the tip and rounded up to the rudder cassette.

    Wonder why they have chosen this setup instead of going for the more common 'straight edges' profiles.
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