Bazooka Trimaran going back into production

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by outside the box, Oct 10, 2015.

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    An update on happenings at Ezifold Yachts LTD in New Zealand regarding the Bazooka Trimaran MKI being put into production.

    We have been asked by Warwick Campbell to share the updates regarding Paul Mullers design the Bazooka boat na bag the original roof rack rocket which Ezifold Yachts LTD now own out right. We have the Bazooka MKII in design and this will be released in due course.

    Ezifold Yachts LTD intention with the Bazooka MKI production is to offer it to the market as an entry level simple non intimidating multihull which will hopefully allow more people to enjoy sailing in this chaotic, techno crazy World we get wrapped up in.

    Three (3) have already been sold to a small hire company in Queenstown New Zealand and we have our Company demonstrator available for test sail bookings here in Christchurch New Zealand.

    All updates will be posted on our FB page
    with pricing and availability being put up on our website
    as soon as we have a hard and fast price locked in.

    Brooke and team Ezifold
  2. Doug Lord
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    Any numbers to go along with this boat-like SA, weight, length, beam, L/B main hull and amas?
  3. Skip JayR
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    Not a nice name.... Bazooka is terrible. Its a weapon. Not funny in time of increasing war zones around the world and huge flood of refugees (at least 50 million) on the run.

    Why not taking some nice names for the relaunch ? e.g. "Moonsailor"... or "Wave jumper" etc. ....

    I would not like to go on board of a boat which remembers me by name to war crimes and killing.
  4. Skip JayR
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    The idea of a foldable tri one can pack on the car roof is interesting...
  5. warwick
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    As i see it its at the early stages of bring the boat back into production, and that may have been the original name.

    I wish easy fold yachts all the best with it.
  6. Howaya
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    Looks like the main hull flexes like a wet noodle in that video. "Wet Noodle" - better than "Bazooka"?
  7. outside the box

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  8. outside the box

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    Any flex, wet noodle effect is Youtube wobble :)
    as Graham commented on
    Graham Wheeler on October 10, 2015 at 12:47 am
    Hi Joe,
    Good to see the Bazooka is getting renewed interest as as I said before it is a great little tri and rockets along. On gps last Summer I could get speeds of up to 12+ knots easily. I put a 2 minute video on U tube -search Bazooka Trimaran and it will come up. Not the best video -I have others and will search them out and post. Also 3 of my Newick tremolino as well. Cheers,

    We will have video to post of the demo Bazooka MKI in the Surf here at Christchurch 43°33'S 172°47'E that should sort out if there is any main hull flex :)

    Enjoy your day
    Brooke and team Ezifold

  9. Skip JayR
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    That size is interesting for newbees entering into the world of Trimarans... so long the prize is fair and the "new - old B" is not overprized.

    But I'd still say: Give the re-launch a new name !! The younger generations of sailors wont remember the "old Bazooka".

    So its time to give it a new future with a new name ! .... yeah.... why not "wet noodle" :)
  10. Squidly-Diddly
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    Maybe they meant this Bazooka.
  11. pogo
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    pogo ingenious dilletante

    So you've found your boat !
  12. outside the box

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    Skip JayR
    Relax perhaps you should go sailing and unwind a bit, thinking through your concerns, some questions for you!
    1) does anyone relate the F-22 boat to the fighter jet???? we think not or do people instantly relate Corsair boats to the fighter plane??? again we think not.....

    The Bazooka will eventually join the Ezifold E3 range of Trimarans but for now it remains Bazooka so that is the end of what will become a drawn out story otherwise.

    If you wish to build and market a small car toppable trimaran yourself under the name wet noodle feel free to do so :)

    End of conversation from our end we are somewhat busy designing and building boats

    enjoy your weekend :)

    Brooke and team Ezifold

  13. outside the box

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    Bazooka test sail and brochure released

    We have just posted the Trade a Boat New Zealand test sail of the Bazooka MKI and a brochure on our FB page.

    We hope this helps the many requests we received for further information.

    Hi quality footage of the Company demonstrator Bazooka MKI will be posted as soon as it arrives and hits the water.

    Brooke and team Ezifold
  14. Skip JayR
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    It does.... same as models like B52 would do.

    Funny, that you "misuse" here this forum as advertising space.

    You are a representative of a company with commercially interests (thats fine) so you should book advertising space in this forum... and not starting a big thread with steadily promotion.

    Its not up to you to discuss here the "likes" or "donts" of us sailors. If you appear in such a form, you take the risks to get critics. Live with it !

    But dont turn this forum into a "one sided - one way" communication and forbid people to think what they like to think and give you as feedback. At the end of the day you depend on the good will of your buyers to put the cash on the counter desk. So its very astonishing the tone you appear here. A good company learns from it's (potential) customers... and even picks up critics to develope the product series further on.

    That is called "interactive dialogue oriented CRM (customer relationship management)" !

  15. paxfish
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