Bayliner 175 versus Glastron MX 175 ??

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Sam, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Sam
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    Sam New Member

    I was hoping for opinions comparing these two boats. They are both small bowriders with entry-level features. This would replace our 1994 SeaRayder jet boat, which has been good fun, but we are looking for something a little more conventional. The glastron has penta, or optional extra mercruiser. The bayliner has mercruiser standard. We do day-excursions for swimming and sometimes a little tubing. Own a small boat dock with a lift. Does anybody know any particular reasons they would choose one or the other? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sam
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    Sam New Member

    Okay, let me generalize the question, and maybe that will generate more interest?

    What is the best-designed currently-produced small I/O bowrider, and why?

    My wife and I are trying to decide one priority, that is, comfort or maintenance-ease. Padding and carpet and vinyl are nice to look at and touch, but nasty to keep clean and eventually replace. Its not an easy choice for us.
  3. brad from

    brad from Guest

    Opinions are like...

    Hey Sam.

    I've been rolling around the same question for a while.
    I believe Glastron model is in direct (product/marketing/etc) response to the Bayliner 175 that's been priced at 10k for some time. From what I can tell of the pricing, the glastron is gonna be almost two grand more by the time you write the check.

    Stuff I've noticed...
    .The glastron has a wraparound windshield (curved)
    .The glastron's engine compartment is larger, and, in my opinion, seems designed better.
    .The difference between Volvo and Mercruser is minimal in my book, the block is the same, exact ford engine, pistons, etc. I'm told all of the core engine parts are interchangeable--though I'm no mechanic, the volvo looks easier to work on.
    .Bayliner is made in Mexico, just across the border from McAllen, so production and shipping cost is low for us Texicans. The factory is new, modern, and they use injection moulding which is strong. I haven't checked out the '04 models, but the 02 and 03 models of bayliner (according to the glastron sales dude at the boat show) had wood frames/beams covered by fiberglass, vs glastron's 100% fiberglass hull. Wood/fiberglass is strong but has the potential for rot over long term.
    .The bayliner swim ladder is a finger biter. Let me know if this has been updated for the 04 line.
    .The bayliner, low end runabout series has been likened to a copycat. They observe other's innovations and incorprate into their designs. You may well notice the emphisis some makers put on development and hydrotesting that is missing from bayliner's proccess. Bayliner seems to "draft" the other boat makers (this is my humble opinion).

  4. from

    from Guest


    Oh, I forgot...

    The Glastron sales dude pointed out the Snap Out carpet feature on his boat (again, I haven't checked out the new 175 model, so I don't know if this applies). The Bayliner had glued down carpet. I didn't think of this, but he said it'd be a pain to replace as it rotted. I don't know how much the glasstron snapout liner would cost though. He counldn't give me an exact price..."not too much" wasn't a good answer for me.

    Hey...I just found this... It might be exactly what you want.
  5. lox-n-cc
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    lox-n-cc New Member

    Look at the new Stingray

    [Sam, before you decide, take a look at the New Stingray 180RX. I was recently at a boat show and I thought this boat compares favorably to the entry level Bayliner and the Glastron. The delivered price was $11,995 by my local dealer. I thought the construction was superior and the fact that the boat will run at 45mph was real plus.

  6. Wade

    Wade Guest

    Bayliner 175

    The Bayliner 175's gas tank is off center so when the tank is full the boat will ride funny. I also have been told that it has a wood deck. The Glastron is all fiberglass, no wood. Either of these boats have alot of storage. I would personally spend $3000 more for a Sea Ray 180 sport or a Larson sei180, both of these have a lifetime warranty on the hull and lots of storage. Both come standard with snap out carpet.
  7. captword
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    captword Junior Member

    a diferent aproach, but an answer. When you come down to a general concensus of boats that you are looking at. Say two as you have mentioned. the easiest way to tell the peoples view of what you are comparing, is to look at used boat prices. look at a bargain trader and look on the web at boat listings. The boat of the two you are looking at that seems to have the higher resale price might be the one that you want. people seem to like them or one model might get fewer complaints wich shows in the resale price.
  8. peevuto

    peevuto Guest

    No Way!! These posts are full of mis-information. The Glastron MX 175 does not have any carpeting available, the windshield is short and does not wrap around more than a couple of inches, the console is very plain, plastic an cheap looking, and has no features except for bench seating.

    The Bayliner 175 comes with full carpeting, nice console, is longer but lighter and therefore will be quicker, and is a much nicer looking boat.

    It looks as if Glastron tried to compete with the Bayliner entry level model by stripping their SX bare, but left you with a boat that feels it and looks it.

    By comparison, the Bayliner model is an entry level boat that does not look entry level, and kicks butt in every review online.

    Don't believe me? Go look at the Glastron MX 175 in a show room and you will see how pathetic and cheap it looks.
  9. Hieu Phan
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    Hieu Phan Junior Member

    I have been looking at 17 to 18 ft bowriders from the lowest, Bayliner, to the upper ends, Sea Ray, Chaparrals, Crownline, and Montereys. The first boat I looked at was the Glastron SX (right in the middle). I cut out Bayliner. It was just too plain and dull (vintage looking with the square glass). Glastron is also out. Since I am planning to have this boat for awhile, Sea Ray and Montereys are my choices right now (around $18K for both). I am waiting for the dealer to get the 180 Montereys in. What is selling me on either Sea Ray an Montereys is the service department. Both are Premier Service for Merc. I also like the easy maintance for a Merc engine.

    If I had a better dealer, I would by the 180BR from Crownline, but I was not impressed by the dealers.

    The minus about Sea Ray is the plastic hull fittings and the vinyl/rubber side railings. Montereys has a brass and chrome fitting which will last longer. I do not know if Montereys have stainless steel railing or not. Have to wait until the dealer gets it.
  10. peevuto

    peevuto Guest

    First of all, you are comparing apples to oranges by comparing to boats in the $18k range. This topic is about entry level vs entry level, not entry level vs a mid tier, $18k boat.

    Second, if you compare entry level boats only (which again, is what we are doing), the Bayliner has more features than the competitors and looks much nicer. Yes, it may have square glass, but it works well with the overal lines of the boat. Have you seen the Glastron MX windshield?? Its not even a wrap around and looks like a fishing boat!

    If you want to spend another 8k for some features like curved glass and extra seat padding, then be my guest! For me, the additional cost for the very few extra features just isn't worth it. After all, I can replace the plastic gas cap with a chrome one myself for a lot cheaper!

    I have looked at all the entry level boats, and for quality, features and price, the Bayliner can not be beat. Period.
  11. peevuto

    peevuto Guest

    Oh and by the way, that Wade guy should get his facts straight before posting such BS about the gas tank being off centre affecting how the Bayliner sits in the water! The reviews on all the major boating websites discuss the off centre gas tank and how the hull is designed so superbly that there is no affect on how the boat sits in the water. They also go on to test the boat when they load up one side of the boat with passengers and she still sits level in the water. Not to mention the fact they took her out to sean in 2 ft swells and were amazed at how well she handled.

    I wish people would get their facts straight before posting such garbage! But alas, I guess ignorance is bliss for some!
  12. Hieu Phan
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    Hieu Phan Junior Member

    You will have not a great resale value for the Bayliner. But I guess if you are just the average joe and want to get in the water, go ahead purchase a Bayliner. Even if you compare a 185 Bayliner with Sea Ray, Monterey, Four Winns, Chaparrals, and Crownline, it does not even come close. The steel railing will help protect the boat much better than a plastic/vinyl/rubber railing. You can buy a Bayliner 175 and a few years later you will have to make some repairs or try to sell it at about 40% of its value. It's your money. I rather buy something that may cost more upfront but in the long run it will be cheaper.

    Let see, your boat will be in a hot blistering sun all day. Plastic/vinyl/rubber breaks faster than a brass fitting or stainless steel railing. It's your call. Are you planning to have your entire boat covered when you are not using it to avoid the sun? If you are, the Bayliner will be just fine. But since you are buying a Bayliner, you most likely would not completely cover your boat. That would be extra $$.

    What about the grade of the vinyl seats? Do you want a 38 to 40 gauge vinyl than the cheapy 175 Bayliner vinyl? Again, it will be expose to the sun and it will stretch during the day and retract during the night, this will cause the vinyl to weaken and eventually crack. It's your money. If you want to just get in the water than buy the 175. It will be good for a few years than you will be spending more money on fixing it.

    What about some sound in your boat? You are going have to buy a radio and speakers, because the 175 does not come with one. I do not remember if the carpet is snap on or glued. If it is glued, good luck on trying to replace it. Within in a few years, the boat will smell like mild and mold.

    Heck you can go to a Glastron SX for $5k more, which will be around $40 to $50 dollars more a month in payments.

    Would you buy a Yugo or a Honda? Spend the money now and knowing that you will be spending less in the future or save money now and fork it out later. The time value of money depricates over time. It's your call and your money.

    I would by a Ralph Lauren Polo over any other shirts out there. I have some Polo that are 15 years old and looks great. I have other shirts that are non Ralph Lauren and they are tossed within 5 years. Again, it's your money.
  13. peevuto

    peevuto Guest

    I will be storing the boat in my garage when not using it, thats why the nice 175 is the perfect length for me. I will be protecting the seats with 100% UV treatment cream so cracking will not be an issue.

    Once again, you are missing the point. The Bayliner compared to an 18k boat, WILL have deficiencies like the ones you point out. But these deficiencies, to me, are not worth paying twice as much (steel railings, extra padding, etc), and I can make up for some of the deficiencies by some very easy TLC. In fact I could make the argument that I could add all the 'extras' you get for cheaper than the 8k you are spending. If money grows on trees for you... great, go ahead and get your 'upgrades'. But to me, the cost is not worth the upgrades. Besides... the Bayliner 175 includes a wake tower, stereo system and two tone Gel coating for $10,500 is an awesome deal.

    The real point being made is that the Bayliner gives the best value for your money in the ENTRY LEVEL market.
  14. peevuto

    peevuto Guest

    Oh yeah, and I can't believe that you are wearing shirts that are 15 years old... talk about style!

    LOL, all kidding aside, all the issues you have raised, I have addressed with TLC and good storage practices. About the resale value... you are just wrong. NADA guides show that Bayliner holds their value just as much as the others. I would even argue that because of the value and price point I am coming in at, I will be able to sell my boat very easily if I need to at very little depreciation, to another entry level boater. In fact, because I am going to baby this boat, it will be like new for the next owner. Like my shirts, I don't plan on keeping this boat forever... it allows me to get into boating, discover what I need and don't need, and then upgrade later as needed to another boat. And because I am coming in at such a great price point with great value... I don't have to take a soaking when its time to sell it.

  15. Hieu Phan
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    Hieu Phan Junior Member

    All of the 17 to 18 Bowriders are entry level market. It's what degree of entry you are will to go into. The 175 Bayliner at $9995 is a good deal. Boating is a luxury thing to do. You can do without it. To me, if you are going to buy a luxury item, do not be pinching a penny just to "buy a boat". If I was pinching a penny, I would upgrade to the Bayliner 185. It's $4K to $5K more. ($30 to $50 more a month-skip one restaurant meal a month). I see your point you are making, but in the long run it will cost you.

    Totally a different subject now. So how is the 3.0 Merc performance for wake boarding or skiing?
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