Battery powered propulsion

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by watchkeeper, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I've been researching suitable silent propulsion systems for a client requirements. An automotive engineer currently working on electric drives had heard of a French boat building company that was offering a 50 Pax ferry with 8 hrs battery endurance electric propulsion. No info on speeds, hull design were availible. If anyone has heard of this ferry offering or a simular type of propulsion perforformance I would appreciate the info.

  2. Boston

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    there are a couple of threads in here where this kind of propulsion is discussed in detail
    I also seem to remember that this boat you mention came up in at least one of them
  3. watchkeeper

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    Thanks Boston, would much appreciate the information if it had anything to do with the subject

  4. Boston

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    it does
    read through the threads on this and you will see numerous references to electric and silent propulsion systems including if I recall the specific manufacturer you mentioned, numerous performance curves are given by several people for several set ups offering 8 hr duration times

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