basic software for intact/damage stability

Discussion in 'Software' started by John Toner, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. John Toner
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    John Toner New Member

    I need some help in sourcing a reasonably priced software package where I can input hull lines and compartments and run a variety of stability criteria for fishing vessels/ passenger ships cargo ship and and unusual designs such as barges. It would be nice to be able to use the same software for writing up inclining tests.
    I have used TRIBON in a different job but it is a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
    I have ademo of Autohydro which seems ok but I would like to know if there are more reasonable packages available. I was told about a UK system MAST but I cannot find any info on this.
    I work as an independant consultant. The software would need to be reliable well supported and easy to operate.
    Help much appreciated. :?:
  2. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    ProSurf, a hull design program, has very good hydrostatics, stability, and damaged stability calculation modules. The other most common program is GHS. These are both very good, and while they may be pricey, they are nonetheless solid and accepted programs.

    Be careful of really cheap programs, you get what you pay for. Some to not have automatic sinkage and trim balance based on an arbitrary location for the center of gravity. That is, the programs search for the flotation solution themselves, whereas some others do not--you have to search the balance yourself.

  3. John Toner
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    John Toner New Member

    Thanks for the tips Prosurf seems reasonable price compared to others. I have yet to access demo for the stability and loading which has to be very quick and easy to change as we are looking also doing studies on various fishing vessels at different loading etc.
    In terms of hull definition it looks very good.
    John T
  4. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    Recommend you look at Hydromax Pro, there is a demo downloadable from our website, full damage stability and comprehensive stability criteria
  5. Brett aust

    Brett aust Guest

    MAST does exist from the UK. IT is a dos based program and is very good for existing vessels and is fairly well thought out even comparing to some of the newer high end programs. It is not a hull design/fairing program though. Hull input is by section offsets. Tanks are the same but with some automation for inbuilt stuff.
    The program is not supported by new updates anymore as the author is doing other things but I believe that you can still buy the program. Think his name is "Nick". I think that you should be able to track him down if you try hard enough.
  6. John Toner
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    John Toner New Member

    Thanks for the info. I even found the name is Nick McWhirter but no joy in making any contact. If it is not supported then i would probably steer clear - I am not a computer whizz and clients pay for the results not the tinkering around.
    So at least you have helped me decide against it.
  7. roger mills
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    roger mills New Member

    Re~ Nick McWhirter
    His Phone number is 01243 780360 (Chichester).I do not know if he is still in business with Mast.
    Roger Mills
  8. Shuttle
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    Shuttle New Member

    If thread is still alive.
    I am currently looking for intact and damage stability software for small office. Not enough work to justify purchase/maintenance of the well known softwares.
    In the possible price range ($2,000) with no maintenace I see only Prosurf and PC-SHCP.
    Have tried to contact Prosurf with questions but no reply. Is this software still supported?
    PC-SHCP have replied to my questions and software appears to do all I require. Does anybody have any experience/info on this software?
    Any other possibilities that cover damage stability?
  9. CGN
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    CGN Senior Member

    Have a look at Hyss.xls, It works fine and it meets what you are looking for, good price and all the main features for Intact and Damage stability calculations.
  10. GHS
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    GHS Junior Member

    Creative Systems Inc.(GHS) offers a Lease package that may be of use to those looking for a short term use.

    You may reach them at 360-385-6212
  11. fastfish666
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    fastfish666 New Member

  12. CMillican
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    CMillican Junior Member

    Just came across this thread. If anyone is still interested I can confirm that MAST is no longer supported. Nick has given up on it as far as I know. It still works on Windows XP, though. Don't know about Vista.

    It is a great shame that it is no longer supported, as it is a neat little program and very reliable. It has some bugs, but overall fewer than some of the newer programs, and it is very much in touch with the way the user thinks. Outputting results is quick and tidy - far superior to the output from Hydromax - or Tribon, judging from some results I have seen - as these tend to be overly verbose, untidy and unpaginated, needing extra work before they can be output in a stability book. Our main package is now Hydromax, as our design work is done in Maxsurf, but we used to use MAST for all our stability work, and so still use it where we have to revisit past projects for lightship checks or alterations, which is often.

    I would love someone with software and Naval Architecture know-how to get in touch with Nick and find a way to update and re-release MAST as a budget stability program, as it is too good just to fade away.

    Catriona Millican, Marine Design International Ltd.
  13. hello
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    hello Junior Member

    I thought the GHS is a very good choice.

  14. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    .....about 6 weeks ago I cleaned my study and dumped my old MAST package into file 13. This was a complete set in it's original plastic casing with manuals and 2 x floppy discs - this was the reason I dumped it - where will one find a computer with a floppy drive nowadays....?
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