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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Paul Browne, Sep 22, 2003.

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    I have an interest in designs of private boats that link together for cruises. But so far the concept has generated little enthusiasm. :eek: I'm puzzled. :confused: Don't know whether:

    a) the basic idea of cruising with a barge link-up club is not attractive to boaters, or

    b) folks reject the idea because the proposed "modules" have not been useful as individual boats, or

    c) the style of boat I presented is not appealing, or

    d) my presentation of the concept has been inadequate, or

    e) I never asked for opinions. :rolleyes:

    I would like to try once more, if nobody minds too much, please and thanks. The sketch below shows one possibility for a trailerable houseboat. It's a very simple little boat. The topsides are right plumb, and the bottom is a flat bottom scow of constant beam, symetrical fore and aft. About the only unusual feature of this boat would be the outboard engine in a forward well, intended to simplify controls and still let the helm see where he's going. But that isn't essential to this little shanty boat. The motor could go on a bracket on the stern.

    The unusual bit is that the boat can be linked up and towed sideways. It's because of the plumb topsides, the bottom shape, and the equal upper and lower deck width. They'd be bolted together at the sheer and upper deck to each other and a club tug. I don't think it would be hard to design for as many as 6 together, especially if the design incorporated a few simple steel straps.

    I could ramble on about what fun I think it would be, but this post is long enough already. I'm really more interested in whether or not this is something that other folks might be interested in doing. So I've started a new thread and I'd be interested in any thoughts you might have.


    Paul Browne
    Geezer Boatworks
  2. Paul Browne
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    Paul Browne Junior Member

    Hopefully this is how you attach an image. :)

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    If you look up there are some interesting ideas there.
    tom kane
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