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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Guest, Sep 17, 2001.

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    I have just purchased a 24' center console manufactured from banana boat. Anyone know where i can find info or specs regarding this company and this boat? I bought it used and it has had a long history of owners so the last owner really didn't know much about it. thanks for all your help
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    Those old ads are sooo great! It was all another way of doing things back then... :D
    Actually, the whole site is really great! There is a great deal of modern history of boating over there. :)
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    go to for the pure fact that the man who builds these boats is a member & participates on this forum and has a special section just for Banana powerboats .
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    Thanks all, good info and interesting links. I finally got the boat. Opti was bad so I bought it w/o power, found a Yamaha F225 and rigged it. Great boat;soft, dry ride.
    40 knots max.,25-30 knot cruise. Still wonder what a 300 would do. Maybe next year.
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    If you search the forum jim there was someone else discussing banana boats a few months back.

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    You can get all that information from Sonny Miller at
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