bahamian mooring with equal pull on both anchors always

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    i thought this would be good idea.ANY comments or clarifications please add.......
    Custom bahamian mooring system. keep EQUAL pull on both anchors at ALL time. put a steel 5" diameter hoop on anchor #1 which has only 20 metrs of chain. now put the chain of anchor #2 thru the hoop. How to do the mooring. First keep anchor # 1 on deck as you release anchor #2 (the chain of anchor #2 will be passing thru the hoop of #1 as you do this . Now set anchor #2 25 metrs from where you want the boat centered. Second back up over the spot you want the boat centered and continue another 23 meters.Drop and set anchor #1 as you back up toward anchor #2.When you have released all of 20 metrs of anchor #1 chain and hoop into the water pull on anchor #2 chain to center the boat .You are now pulling on anchor #2 chain as it is passing thru the hoop and equally pulling on anchor #1.
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