BAE Systems looking for Supportability Engineers (ILS LSA) in Portsmouth or Filton (UK)

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    Would you like to play a key role in the support of Royal Navy and International programmes? Maritime Services currently have vacancies for Supportability Engineers in Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)at our sites in either Portsmouth or Filton.

    As a Supportability Engineer LSA, you will be working across platforms such as the Type 45 Destroyers, Type 26 Global Combat Ships build and export programmes and the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier programme. You will be responsible for applying ILS methodologies to the management of Logistics Support information for the ships, focusing heavily on the configuration and analysis of engineering data required to support the systems and equipment that make up the platforms.

    This role will provide you with the chance to forge a career within the Supportability Engineering domain whilst working with some of the most complex warship programmes in the world. If you want to be part of our future working in partnership with the Royal Navy, then a career in Maritime Services awaits you.

    Your main responsibilities as a Supportability Engineer LSA will involve:

    Providing expertise, effort and advice in the population and management of the Logistics Support Analysis tools, the data they contain and the related integrated toolsets.

    Applying knowledge and expertise to analyse the impact of engineering changes to the ship, including the effect on availability, reliability and maintainability of the platform and its systems and how these changes are configured in the datasets.

    Applying system and process knowledge to analyse the impact of material from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers on the support engineering datasets and populating the results.

    Working across the T45, T26 and QEC Class Output Management (COM) and International programme teams to identify and resolve in-service or build supportability and data issues.

    Supporting the management of, and update to, the Unit Maintenance Management System (UMMS) account and content.

    Analysing complex datasets to autonomously determine appropriate Support outcomes, updating a shared, complex and integrated Support dataset.

    Your skills and qualifications as a Supportability Engineer:


    Experience gained from one or more of the following backgrounds:

    Maritime or other complex engineering business (Defence, Rail, Aerospace, Automotive, etc.)

    Knowledge of engineering drawings and data

    Knowledge of Supportability Engineering Defence Standards 00-60, 00-600.

    Knowledge of ILS principles and experience in the application of the ILS techniques would be advantageous (Supportability Engineering Defence Standards, e.g. 00-60, 00-600)

    Experience in the population of a Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) database.


    Maritime experience.

    Experience in use and management of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), preferably Unit Maintenance Management System (UMMS) as used in the Royal Navy.

    What we're looking for in you:

    We are looking for you to be a team player and good communicator with a flexible and adaptable approach to your work, as well as having the ability to work under pressure. We are looking for you to have a proactive approach with the ability to liaise with a variety of people within the business.

    Location: Portsmouth / Filton near Bristol

    Salary: Competitive

    Job link: BAE Systems Taleo
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    ooh what a load of buzz words, how about talking in English, this is engineers you're wanting, They won't be impressed by buzz word bingo..
    ILS.. Instrument Landing Systems?
    The text indicates you are looking for a clerk to organise a database..
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