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Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by Aspen, Jan 11, 2007.

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    I have a open hull 1970's Bedouin jet boat with a berkley jet drive and a BIG engine (Ford 460). I cannot figure out WHY when I go moderately fast straight on, does it act as though it may blowover? The nose is out of the water MUCH farther than it should be, but I don't know quite what the best way to correct this would be. Most times we have 3-4 people onboard, sometimes we have 6-8 people....and with enough people in front, we get smooth sailing.....but usually we don't have that many people on board. Does the steering need to be tightened? Is there a trim tab (no trim tabs currently installed) that is better than another? For my use of the boat, what is the best solution. We use this for towing tubes, general medium speed cruising, and we'd like to pull wakeboarders......right now I'd settle for driving in a dependable straight line! Do we just need a course in driving a jet boat? (we have sea-doos, so I get the concept) Please, any help will be greatly appreciated! I can post pictures if needed
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    May just be that the thrust vector (direction in a vertical plane) is not appropriate for that hull and the particular jet. Have a look at thrust diverter nozzles, "droop snoots", and Bennett trim tabs. A visit to your local jetboat shop may get you the info you need for a quick fix. Remember, the vintage and design of your boat and propulsion package were pretty well in the "infancy" stages back when it was bulit. A lot of developments and progress have been made since then. Good luck!
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