Bad Backyard Builders

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by 8knots, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. 8knots
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    8knots A little on the slow side

    Hey all......
    I found this web-site in the new issue of PMM. Not to knock all attempts at building or modyfying your own boat, But this kind of wild addition to the deckhouse is a little on the risky side for my tastes. I am sure we have all seen "Wonder boats" (wonder how they made it back alive) How about some pics or stories! This the place to learn from the mistakes we see (Or think we see). In the boats arund us in everyday life. 8Kts 2.jpg

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  2. james_r
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    james_r Junior Member

    Never mind the deckhouse, what about the location of the radar antenna? It sent shivers down my spine. There are some excellent home-built/modified boats out there. This isn't one of them.
  3. Polarity
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    Polarity Senior Member

    Quote from the site
    "The Surveyor's notes were:
    The vessel is considered suitable for operation in her intended trade within Underwriter's Trading Warranty No. 3, and with extensions for 150 miles offshore West Coast North America."

    150 miles offshore???
  4. Matthew
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    Matthew Junior Member

    Pardon my ignorance, but whats wrong with the position of the radar antenna?
  5. mmd
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    mmd Senior Member

    Matt, it is not good practice to have a source of focused electromagnetic radiation located at head level. Sorta like a microwave oven without a door.
  6. Polarity
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    Polarity Senior Member

    "Microwaves are absorbed by living tissue and their energy is converted to heat that may easily damage some organs, particularly the eyes, which may develop cataracts. It has also been shown that long-term exposure to low levels of microwave radiation can induce a variety of physiological effects in small laboratory animals. The importance of these effects and their relevance to the case of human exposure are not yet fully understood. Microwaves may also interfere with cardiac pacemakers.

    The maximum safe levels of exposure to microwaves are specified by the Australian Standard 2772 (1985).(1) Persons on or about the craft, other than personnel specifically involved in the installation or maintenance of the radar should not be exposed to average levels higher than 0.2 mW/cm2 or to peak levels exceeding 1 W/cm2.

    calculations based on information supplied by the manufacturers and measurements carried out by this and other laboratories(2) indicate that at 1 metre from, and at the same height as the antenna, peak levels of approximately 0.5 W/cm2 may be encountered. The average intensity may be between 0.5 and 0.8 mW/cm2, when the antenna is stationary. The average intensity drops to safe levels (i.e. below 0.2 mW/cm2) at a distance of several metres from the antenna.

    * The average exposure is reduced by a factor equal to the ratio between the beam width at the exposure distance, and the scan circumference at that distance (at short distances the beam width is equal to the antenna size). "

    Would keep your coffee warm on a cold night.....

  7. james_r
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    james_r Junior Member

    Thanks for answering guys. Sometimes in my zeal to be brief with my comments I'm a little too brief.
  8. Portager
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    Portager Senior Member

    No one has pointed out the placement of the outriggers for the paravanes. The general rule of thumb is they should be aft of the center but forward of 2/3rds if the length. These appear to be too far aft to me.

    Another faux pas, the two large propane tanks are sitting bare in the aft cockpit where any leaks will collect and seep into the lazerette. These should be in a sealed locker and vented overboard.

    Mike Schooley
  9. jools
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    jools New Member

    I think the wild additions and sceptical safety of this boat is one thing but no ones mentioned that fact it looks like a bus!

  10. Steve Gray
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    Steve Gray Junior Member

    When it grows up it wants to be a Mississippi riverboat! Bet there's a big paddle-wheel aft. And those aren't outriggers; they're pubescent smokestacks. ;O)
  11. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    You are right, but go to a marina and look at brand new production yacht the same size.
    They look like a wedding cake and each deck designed by someone else. So perhaps a bus is not so bad :p Painted yellow, can be attractive :D
  12. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    I ain't shipping out on that thing... Though not nearly as bad as the now famous backyard designer who did not believe that a NA was necessary. There is a long thread about that fiasco somewhere in this forum.

    Oops!... I said, above, "not nearly as bad". That could be compared to a statement like "not as severely drowned", or maybe "slightly pregnant".

  13. powerabout
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    powerabout Senior Member

    Titanic built by professionals
    Noah's ark built by amateurs
    PS You notice that since God now has GPS he can target floods....
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