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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Starfish, May 8, 2008.

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    It fascinates me how much knowledge is on this Board. The reading is endless,
    And there have been a few people on here that offered great advice. I’m still
    looking for the boat too own/build. I have been reading/researching for about
    A year now on different boats, building techniques, ect. I have looked at wood
    Then glass, steel, ferro, you name it. I have thought about buying, building ect.
    I have looked around through countless plans for building and have some favorites.

    I think I have settled on a new build, around the 38’ range. I love the idea of the
    Origami type builds. I love the swain boats. But I have my heart set on something a bit
    different.. So I got too thinking, I’m a new builder, there has too be new designers, new
    interior people, new engineers, a whole lot of people on this board that want too design,
    think out, and help see their ideas come too. So why not try too organize these people
    together, and design/build a sailboat? My part will be building/documenting the build.
    I have experience in filming/photog work. So I can document the whole process. I will
    Make hours of Video, take 100’s of photos, ect ect.. I will then edit it out, put it on DVD.
    I plan on someone doing the website for this. This forum will be the meeting place
    Talk area for the design. The website will be for showing the build.

    My idea would be too offer the plans AT COST too any builder that’s wants too own one
    After the first is finished. This way, anyone that wants too own a world cruiser, has the money too build one can see the dream happen.

    I will start the build in 10 months. From today…..That gives people time too get their part finished. My budget is 60k over a one year builds. 30k per year (about).

    I’m very flexable on the design. But there are a few things I will need.

    I want a Motor sailor. As close too equal (sail/Motor) as possible. The boat will have a Salty look (think Hans Christian pilothouse/fisher)
    I like the large pilothouse look.

    Boat will be built in steel (out door build of hull/deck)
    Origami design, boat will use a rig that is easy for one/two to use.
    Engine must me very efficient. Interior in this boat will be unique (to me)
    It will be of nice quality, with a nice fit, but must be able too be removed under way for inspections, repair of inner hull. I want too figure out a way to have this interior secure for sea use, but removable.
    A lot of thought will go into the hull/deck fitting on the design,
    to help keep any water Intrusion too a minimum.
    Would like the house too be as large as possible. With head up.
    Berths mid ship, without having a V berth forward. Use that room for something else?????

    More too come....
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    Here is a list i want to start. Please let me know if you would be interested
    in doing one of these needed task. EVERY PERSON that helps will get credit for the work, on here, website, and on the build vid's. Build video's will go out with plans, and credits will be given. Great way for new people too get something
    on paper too show people.

    Here is the list of needed help as of today:

    hull design (200 per plan sale after 1st)
    interior design
    Mechanical design (engine)
    Rigging design
    Paint and coating thought/design
    Steering design
    Cutting file person
    Website design
    Electrical design
    Building consultant
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    Here is two pics of my favorite boat on earth. :D

    I would like too get as close as i can too this type of look.
    But handling ability will be the highest priority.

    First is a 44'
    second is a 39'

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