B-25 fractional rig - masthead chute worth the price?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Brian Fredrik, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Thinking about improving our downwind performance in PHRF racing. Do the experts think going to a masthead chute will give enough downwind edge to offset the 6 second hit we expect from our PHRF fleet? Also, would it be wise to create a new rudder...shorter chord length, deeper? (we would take another 6 second hit for the new rudder). I like the idea for the added downwind fun of it and am trying to sell it to the guy who will spend the money. Thanks
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    The MH kite on the B25s has been done with good results, especially if you sail in light air a lot of the time. One sails out of my club and does well with the big kite. Only a 6 sec hit means you have to be faster by 12 sec/mile on the downwind legs of a W/L course. That's 3 to 4 boatlengths at hull speed. It seems to me that the big kite is worth that.

    Do you get a longer pole as well, or only the additional hoist for the hit?

    I don't think a new rudder is worth 6 sec/mi all around. Is your rudder an original or a "mark 2"?

    You can contact Leif (the designer) and talk to him about it. http://www.bravurayachts.com/ I believe he did a mod to one of the boats to add a bowpole (Melges 24 style) with MH kites.

    I think the e-mail on the link is problematic. It would be best to call if you want to get an answer.
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