AYRS Zoom Meetings - next one is Saturday 8 May

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by John Perry, May 3, 2021.

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    The Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS) has been holding monthly Zoom meetings for the past 12 months or so. All AYRS meetings, both on-line and conventional meetings, are open to all, so I thought these meetings could be worth a mention here. For the next Zoom meeting, on Saturday 8 May 2021, we have a presentation about the Development of Sails by Alan Smith. This meeting will be at 20:00 London Time (BST) which is half an hour later than our usual time for these meetings and Alan will join the meeting at 20:30, this is because Alan lives in Australia so this is still rather early in the morning for him. The details, including the Zoom link, for this meeting are posted on the AYRS website so I don't need to repeat here - see:
    AYRS Zoom meeting – Presentation by Alan Smith – Amateur Yacht Research Society https://www.ayrs.org/event/ayrs-zoom-meeting-presentation-by-alan-smith/

    Alan joined the AYRS at the Earls Court boat show in 1960. At that time he was working as the liaison engineer to the British army for the Australian Malkara anti tank weapon. Then in 1966/1967 he studied for an MSc in aircraft stability and control at Cranfield, his thesis was on yacht dynamics. In 1967 he sailed with Tom Vaughan in International 14’s, mainly at Richmanswoth, and he raced in the Prince of Wales week out of Cowes. He worked with Tom and Jeremy Pudney to modernise the International 14 and to incorporate the Australian 14 ft skiff class. Alan's professional life was developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and he regards Nulka as the high point, this being an Australian built anti-missile decoy system. Alan considers that there has been a strong synergy between his professional life and his long interest in fast sailing.
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    Hi John sorry to break into this thread. I have been trying to contact you regarding General Purpose Dinghy (entry in JRA Dinghy Design Competition). Your email address failed. Could you please contact Mark (Chairman JRA) and supply a working email address for me (Graeme). Thanks.
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