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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jmercer, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. tunnels

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    Have you had a look at the WALLY BOATS site ? I like what they have ! notice the shape of the lower part of the bow and where it goes to ! Looks fast even at anchor ! :D
  2. LyndonJ
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    It's supposed to go through the waves, adding flare will increase the angle of entrance and induce a greater pitching moment when doing this.
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    Well when my boat goes plunging into a sea I want it to pop up and over the wave even if you've got to call it "greater pitching moment". The deceleration of going through a wave could cause one to smack their head on a bulkhead not to mention the stress on the hull. What's wrong w the axe bow with good flare high on the sides fwd? Lyndon, the water would half to be almost or at deck level before you'd experience "increase the angle of entrance". I have my own axe bow type design and I hope it dos'nt go through waves (if I build it) but over them. I designed a boat w a long bow on it and built the prototype w an even longer bow to see if it would burry it's bow. I was worried it would. Didn't even come close.

  4. apex1

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    going through instead of going over has some advantage there can be no doubt.

    Dashew describes these effects in his Windhorse articles, quite well.

  5. daiquiri
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    I remember reading about that boat few years ago. There are some very good ideas in it. Essentially a powerboat with a sailboat hull. I have always wondered if there is request on the market for that concept... Still don't have a clue. :rolleyes:
  6. apex1

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    They have a smaller sibling going into series production, seems to sell well.

    More info here:

  7. dskira

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    I really thought that one of the characteristic of a yacht was to be elegant.
    Since they have no real purpose, contrary to commercial vessel, but the enjoyment of the owner, why been seen on this thing.
    And you have to pay to have that thing?
    I can't believe it.
    But of course this is my two cents, and I am not here to dictate how a yacht should look.
    Everybody is free to spend the money the way they want.
    But the Dashew do not think that way, they have the "guru" syndrome. You follow them, or you don't know what you talking about.
    They are the inventor that a barrel of oil is less expensive that the wind. And they wrote it.
    And they sell books with that trick

  8. Boston

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    I agree that thing is dam ugly but for a stink pot its pretty efficient

    what I dont get is why its that ugly, efficiency isn't lost by making it look like something although a minimalist concept might help.
  9. dskira

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    Another strange thing said by this writer:

    Why the cab and the airport? Because it looks in charge, easy, no problem.
    They are so clever :D

    They remind me of Doctor Phil.
    Full of crap.

  10. dskira

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    You right. Minimalistic and efficient design do not have to be ugly.
    Sheer line will help for a first.
    And even the poorest of the fisherman around the globe PAINT their boat.
  11. Rindert
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    Rindert Perfix & Q-SNAP

    I saw an Axe Bow at the Amels shipyard whilst snapping a few shots of their Project 456.

    As a Superyacht tender it looks great, but they have been in use as utility-and oil-rig support boats for some time now, they told me they'd sold 25 so far.

    So I reckon it's a proven concept.
  12. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    For the intended purpose certainly.
    Why a super yacht will need this type of tender?
  13. Rindert
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    Rindert Perfix & Q-SNAP

    Well not a tender in the classical sense, more of a support boat.

    But it can free up a lot of space on the Yacht, it can carry a helicopter, a few 30ft tenders, all the water-toys and I think it was up to 10 crew.

    Plus with the Axe-Bow, it's pretty all weather and can cross the atlantic, ahead of the yacht and scout good berths etc.

    so that's why they build one with Teak decking (fake teak;) and a fancy paint-job to go with the yacht.

    again, it's all rather excessive, but that's the way with those superyacht-folks
  14. BertKu
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    Hi there,
    Should you have again a problem like that.

    1) Click on right button on the picture with the mouse.
    2) open Word
    3) paste on a blank page in Word
    4) double click on picture
    5) go to size and click
    6) reduce the size till 25% and you have a perfect picture on your laptop

  15. daiquiri
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    Hi Daniel,
    Well, as for the ugliness - it is all in the eye of the beholder, as we all know. There is a saying in Italy which says that (free translation) "every cockroach is beautiful to his mom." ;)
    This is obviously a case for that: the owners have equipped that boat with a lots of stuff probably intended to give them self-sufficiency and practicity of use for prolonged periods of time, without caring too much about the aesthetics. The same goes for unpainted aluminum, which I also find terrible. They don't care too much for aesthetics, or perhaps they just find that cockroach beautiful. :)

    But with just few minor modifications it could become a decently looking boat, quite in line with modern styling tendencies. I have photoshoped the pic you have used as example, just to illustrate the concept.
    The hullform is the point here, one can do whatever he wants with the superstructure...

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